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Riding Miss Daisy: Aero Pines Park

I want to kick off the first of my Riding Miss Daisy series — where I explore places in Second Life on horseback — with one of the first trails I rode after getting my Water Horse Riding Horse. Originally, I visited this with my friends, but then came back to spend some time taking pictures and exploring on my own.

Aero Pines Park

-Visit In World Here-

This is a set of 3 joined sims that offers shopping, residential rentals, riding trails, entertainment locations, and lots of open area to explore. They were holding an Easter egg hunt along the trails while I was exploring, which was fun.

I love the atmosphere of the location. The Windlight settings were such that you always experienced a slight twilight feel with a hint of mist over forest and hills.

I began my visit at the Welcome Center next to a scenic lake.

…Where I found they have their own Park Ranger. She also has a nice Water Horse Riding Horse to complete the ranger feel. I was impressed!

There’s lots of things around the lake to see and do — a gazebo hangout, dancing, horseback riding, bikes, and a full playground for the children. I saw a good number of folks out and about enjoying the evening at the lakeside.

If shopping is your thing, there was a small town plaza surrounded by little themed shops for you to explore.

And if you want to have a little fun, you’ll find activities such as bowling, a log flume and even a roller coaster here! Looks like they also have sailing and a path for jetsking as well!

If you’re looking to rent a home here, there’s some houses scattered among the hills of the main sim. There’s also a second sim that looks like it’s dedicated to lovely landscapes and residential rentals. What I liked was that the style of housing varied quite a bit, while still holding true to the atmosphere.

Of course, I was there to ride and explore. And the park didn’t disappoint in offering lovely sights to see!

Want to experience the park for yourself?

-Visit In World Here-


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