FFXIV: Level 50 Ninja & Getting Ready for Patch 4.3

Though I’ve still be somewhat lazy in reaching my goals for this month, I did finally achieve the one objective I’ve been wanting to hit for months — I’ve leveled my Ninja to 50! As a bonus, I actually did all the job quests up to 50, too, and sorted the armor situation for the job.

Now, this isn’t a very hard task to do, but seeing this is the third Ninja I’ve leveled to 50 (both Tai and Zemi alts have a level 50 Ninja), the motivation to get it done wasn’t super high. However, this does mark the last DPS class on my main to reach 50! Now, all I have left under level 50 is Astro, Warrior, and Dark Knight.

I believe one of my year goals is to get them all to 50. Seeing they’re all at least level 40, and squads are a huge help, that should be do-able.

The other thing I worked on this weekend was finishing up all the quests I needed to do to be ready for Path 4.3 content. That comes out tomorrow, and FFXIV is down all day today, so I only had this weekend to do them.

These were nothing big — mostly side quests that I skipped over and still needed to do. I foresee a huge quest undertaking when I finally do bring Astro and the two tanks to this level. I’ve been saving a lot of these quests for jobs that will need the experience, but that I probably won’t play in roulettes to level.

There was a quest line in Doma that you need to finish before you can start the restoration quests releasing tomorrow. This is pretty short, and fairly satisfying in bridging the storyline of what happens to the refugees from Doma who came to Mor Dhona.

Then, there’s several quest lines you need to do in Yanxia, dealing with the Lupin and the Namazu. I was happy that these were level 64, which allowed me to score some extra experience on my White Mage, who is also level 64.

These were cute story quests, and I did enjoy doing them. It just took time to go through two quest chains and unlock a third. Thankfully, I’m interested in the Lupin and Namazu, so that helped the quests go along quicker. Also, I love the area in Yanxia, so that also made it an enjoyable experience.

I’m looking forward to starting the Namazu beast tribe quests, and finally buckling down to get my wayward crafting jobs leveled. I just have to decide which one to start with!