June 2018 Gaming Goals

I’m back with goal setting for another month. The weather is starting to heat up here, and all folks want to do is stay cool or stay hidden. I prefer both.

Anyhow, I learned last month that even though I have a bunch of job quests I want to get done, it’s not viable to drop them all in a huge list as goals and not be intimidated by it. So, this month, I’m going to pick and choose to hopefully focus and get more things done.

FFXIV Leveling Goals

  • Level Leatherworker to 70 ✓
  • Level White Mage to 70 ✓

I’m going to continue where I left off on both of these jobs. They’re both at level 66 as of right now.

Leatherworker is going to happen no matter what. I’ve been doing the new Namazu beast tribe quests every day and my crafting leveling speed is through the roof.

The White Mage is a little more iffy, but very do-able, since I have to dredge up motivation to do Alliance Roulettes. I’ve also been slacking off on the battle Beast Tribe quests, and that needs to stop.

FFXIV Cleanup Quest Goals

  • Summoner – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Fisher – Lv 60-something – 70 Quest  ✓
  • Finish crafting quests up to 60 for Armorer ✓

Here’s where I cut back on intimidating items. I just grabbed the first job that was on the previous list. That turned out to be Summoner.

I also want to finish up the Fishing quests, though those are often a pain to do since they’re so random. But doing that will finish all my gathering quests for good.

Finally, I’ve decided the next crafting job I want to tackle is going to be Armorer. So, I’m going to go back and see what quests I didn’t finish for that job in Heavensward. Probably most of them. The idea is to get this job caught up so that when Leatherworker hits 70, I can jump right into leveling the next crafter on the list.

Steam Gaming

I’m hesitant to do this because I’m not so sure I can fit this in with all the new FFXIV content. But I still have Steam goals I want to meet for the year. Sooooo….

  • Try one new Steam game each week

So there we have it!

Do you have gaming goals you want to reach this summer? 


  1. My main HDD died, so I only have a small SSD available atm. It is enough for SWL and a few small Steam games. So my main goal is to get through the new South Africa content and play a few Steam games. Just played Beholder, which is a great game, but gives me the same kind of weariness that Papers!, Please and This War of Mine did. So I only did one playthrough.

    Current’y playing The Fall, which is pretty good. I think you’d like it.

    1. Hey, making do with what you have. That’s a good thing.

      It’s been a while since my team picked up SWL, but there’s always the chance we’ll come back to it. It seems to be a come and go game for us.

      I haven’t heard of The Fall before. Looked it up. Does look neat.

      Good luck in saving for your trip!! Always great to hear from you. 🙂

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