FFXIV: No More Greed Only Alliance Raids!! (Thank you)

Great news for folks who enjoy actually having a chance to get drops during Alliance Roulette: Yoshi P announced today that they will be rolling back the Greed Only rule on alliance raid drops in the next hotfix!

This was a QoL “fix” that absolutely no one I knew asked for and everyone I knew hated. Including me.

Previously, if you ran a raid on a job (a Healer for example), you were able to Need on gear that dropped for healers. This meant that you really only rolled against other healers, since everyone else could only roll Greed on it. You had a much better chance of getting the gear you wanted, as long as you played the job or role that required that gear.

Greed Only made this a free-for-all. Which meant you could roll on any piece no matter what job you ran with and had an equal chance of getting the gear. It sounds nice, but the outcome was awful — people saw gear they legitimately needed for an upgrade going to people who didn’t even have the job unlocked or leveled.

It really gave me less incentive to play the Lighthouse, which was already a lengthy ordeal if you didn’t get a good alliance in there. As a Red Mage, I already have to roll against any other Red Mage, Black Mage or Summoner as competition. It really sucked to have to fight the entire raid for gear.

Thank you to the FFXIV team for listening to our feedback and rolling back this design choice! I don’t understand why it was put there to begin with, but I’m thankful it’s going away! I don’t know when the next hotfix is coming out (hopefully next week), but it can’t come soon enough for me (and almost everyone else)!