E3 2018 Impressions

Everyone’s talking about E3, so I may as well jump on the bandwagon. E3 has not traditionally been something that hypes me. I go into it without expectations, and the best that can come from it is unexpectedly being hyped over something.

Last year, the Switch was new territory, so just about everything they announced there was pretty exciting. This year, there’s a lot of things people seem excited about, but very few that have anything to do with me.

So, I’m going to run down the list of stuff from the Reddit Megathreads and just talk about whatever comes to mind. Those threads are pretty awesome if you need a recap on anything, so I encourage you to check them out.

Not Relevant

So, as I said above, there’s a lot that’s not relevant to me. I don’t own an XBox or a Playstation, so none of that is of any interest to me.

Not interested in anything that EA threw out there, not even Anthem. Absolutely not interested in their Origin Access Premier program. I didn’t even have anything to do with the original Origin Access thing… never been a fan of Origin, and just use it because I’m forced to in order to play Sims games.

Ubisoft... eh. Nothing I really care about there. I own, but have never played, some of the Assassins Creed games, so the new one isn’t a huge deal to me.

Of Some Interest

So Bethesda’s offering.

I know everyone is going nuts about Fallout 76. I’ve never played a Fallout game as the theme of the series just never felt that alluring to me. For those who are excited and concerned about it, I hope it turns out to be more than what you hoped for. I doubt I’ll play it.

Fallout Shelter is now on the Switch. It came force-installed on my tablet, but I never played it there. I might try it on the Switch since I’m getting fed up with Pokemon Quest at this point. That’s a big maybe.

Elder Scrolls Legends for the Switch has my interest. As long as there’s plenty to do without forcing me to play against real players, I might give that a try. I do enjoy card games, I just don’t enjoy forced PvP in card games, and card games that nickle and dime you to build a deck.

The biggest thing for me here is the Elder Scrolls VI tease. It was only 36 seconds long, but enough for me to go, “Oh shoot. I still haven’t finished Skyrim!”

Now, I can’t really be hyped for something that is probably a good ways away, but it was enough to motivate me to crack open my copy of Skyrim on the Switch. We’ll see if I can stick with it in any way.

Square Enix had a couple of things of interest for me.

Of course, there’s the FFXIV and Monster Hunter World crossover event coming up. As someone with no access to MHW at this point, and being uncertain of whether I can afford the time to get into it once it comes out on the PC, can I just say I really want a Palico in FFXIV!

I mean look at this! Warrior of Light Palico!



If I play Monster Hunter World, it will be for the Palico.

Anyhow, we got also some info on ticket sales for the FFXIV 2018 Fan Fest, though I’m unsure if we’re going this time.

And, other than that, the only bit of exciting info from this was that we’d see Dragon Quest XI in September. Hopefully, on the Switch. Still looking forward to Octopath Traveller, but it was expected, so not a hype thing.

And that just leaves Nintendo.

Nintendo’s Offering

I guess I was hoping for something surprising here, but really, none of it was. Other than the sad lack of a Switch Animal Crossing — I didn’t expect it, but I held out a tiny bit of hope.

I’ve never gotten into Mario Party, so that didn’t interest me much.

The huge thing is, of course, the new Smash.

I wish I could be excited for Smash, but I learned when playing Smash for the Wii U, that there’s a disconnect between where those games are going and my aging gaming skills. The new Smash games just have too much going on, things happen too fast, and I tend to get muddled trying to follow the flow of the battles.

Too much of a good thing?

So, though I loved the first two Smash games, I actually sold my Wii U version after my sister and I struggled to find fun in it. We really did try.

Of course there’s the new Pokemon, which I’m already sold on. An upcoming Fire Emblem is nice to know about… but only reminds me that I didn’t actually finish the previous one I picked up for the 3DS. Oops.

And, nothing to do with E3, but we found out that the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion is releasing tonight! I know what I’ll be trying!

So, all in all, E3 has only achieved one thing — encouraging me to play my Switch more! I guess that’s not bad overall. Maybe I’ll actually get somewhere in Skyrim this time (I say that every time…).





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