FFXIV: Live Letter – Patch 4.4 & Monster Hunter World Collaboration Info

Woke up this morning to a slew of information from the latest FFXIV Live Letter, summarized on Reddit. There’s certainly a lot of interesting things to see here!

Patch 4.4


Coming in September, we have the next story patch, an addition to the Omgea raids and a lot more. This is the first time in a long time I’ve actually been really, really looking forward to where they’re going with the story. The teaser image did not disappoint.

I’m also really happy that they’ve confirmed we’ll get more Doman Reconstruction. I finished what they provided for this patch, but it still looks like the Enclave has lots of opportunity for further growth. It may just be side fluff content, but I really like it!

The new Grand Company rank also makes me happy, as well as expanded Squad Missions. I’m always up for running with my Squad… it might help me get back on the leveling train for my lowest level jobs.

New Gpose options are always welcome, and Configuration data saved to the server sounds nice (does this mean no more scrambling to reset hotbars if you play between two computers?).

I’m a little worried by what they mean with “Crystal Tower requirements revised.” Does this mean they’re going to do away with the FATE quests that block your way into the first raid? If so, I’m all for that.

If it means they’re going to make these raids harder, though, I think the difficulty needs to be left alone. Folks new to 24 man raids need a first step in… and you can still wipe in any of the CT raids if the party doesn’t know what they’re doing (yes, I’ve even seen a recent wipe in Syrcus Tower and Lab).

Anyhow, there’s a lot of nice things coming.

Monster Hunter World Collaboration


So, it appears the MHW collab is going to take the form of a trial. I’m a little sad about that, as I’d much prefer something more open world, but I understand the need to balance it around a trial. The nice thing is that there are two flavors of trial – an 8 man and an Extreme 4 man.


Hopefully it won’t be too terrible if all you need to have done is complete the MSQ and have ilvl 320 gear for the normal version. I’m usually not one for doing trials I don’t need to do, but Palico (minion?) was confirmed!


There’s also a sweet looking Rathalos mount, but I have a feeling that’s only going to be a reward for the Extreme version. (not confirmed, just a guess)


This is coming August 7th and doesn’t appear to have an end date.

Check out this new video — looks pretty fun!


  1. I am looking forward to the next patch too! 😀

    But I am so behind the patches that picture at the top leave me with all sorts of questions. Did Alphinauld became evil and joined the garleans? I mean, besides the guy on the right that I don’t recognize there are only evil guys there! D:

    Everything else about the patches seems pretty good to me. 🙂

    For the Monster Hunter World collaboration I was hoping it would be a FATE too, even if it was a high level one. If it is a trial…. Well, I will see if I can convince my friends to come back to the game and give it a try. If they aren’t interested then I will try with Duty Finder and hope I don’t embarrass myself too much. Must have those minions! XD

    Yeah, I am expecting the mount to be a drop on the Extreme version too and probably a rare drop at that.

    1. I was kinda worried about posting that banner since it does have spoilers in it, but seeing that’s the promo material that S/E is using, it’s going to pop up all over the place.

      As for what’s up with Alphinaud, it’s way too interesting for me to spoil for you. While some of the story arcs of the past patches weren’t super engaging to me, the direction they’re going now (especially the guy on the right) is VERY interesting. I highly suggest pushing through the story and hitting the second half of Patch 4.3. It’s worth it.

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