FFXIV: Goddess of the Hand Achieved!

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The end of last week was rather quite blogging-wise because I was caught up writing fiction and because all of the important things happening in FFXIV weren’t going to pan out until the weekend. That’s exactly what happened.

As of this weekend, not only have I leveled every crafting and gathering job to 70, but for the first time in the near-5 years I’ve been playing, I have also completed the corresponding job quests for all of them, as well. This completed one of my main gaming goals of 2018, too!


This required me to go back to the level 50 quests for Blacksmith this weekend and work up from there. I was already sitting at level 68 when I did this, and really didn’t want to miss out on the chunk of experience the quests gave (it jumped me up a full level), so I buckled down to finish them all up this weekend.

I still have lots of upgrades to get for all of my jobs, including scrip mainhands, but it’s super odd not to need to log in for Namazu quests daily anymore. I’m kinda going to miss that!

I also admit that some of the crafting job quest lines were unexpectedly hilarious. From the taste testing culinarian who apparently “died” and went to heaven after eating some of the food I crafted for a cooking contest…


…to an overprotective blacksmith father who isn’t happy with the prospect of his daughter falling for an Eorzean smithy.


I know this is FFXIV, so I shouldn’t be surprised when things like this pop up in quests, but it still sometimes catches me unaware. In the middle of a long quest chain for crafters, this sort of thing is greatly welcome!

Anyhow. Now I can focus on leveling my battle jobs, figuring out desythesis a little more and building up our Free Company airships, which is something I’ll be posting about tomorrow!

Also, the Rising for the 5th year anniversary of FFXIV is up and running. I’ve not done it yet, and I’m staying away from spoilers where I can, but I’ll be writing about that soon!

3 responses to “FFXIV: Goddess of the Hand Achieved!”

  1. Congratulations! 🙂

    That culinarian quest sounds straight out of a culinary anime. I can’t wait to do it myself. XD

    The blacksmith one seems funny too. My crafting Jobs are still around level 53 so it will take me a while to get there. But I have been focusing a lot on them lately so maybe it won’t take so long after all.

    Looking forward to your post about the airships. The small FC I am in doesn’t have any yet too and it is something I’ve been meaning to research and propose to the leadership. It will be interesting to see a hands-on account of building them. 🙂


    • Will do! My previous FC had all four ships and the sub decked out and rolling. But it was mostly an initiative taken by the crafters on the FC, and I didn’t have a lot of hands-on experience with it myself. Now I’m learning everything for myself, and it’s pretty fun! I certainly suggest it for any FC that has a house and a workshop!

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