FFXIV 4.4 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlight

I’m off from work today, watching and waiting as Hurricane Florence slowly moves into our area. So far, power has held, but I know that won’t be for much longer. So I may as well try to blog about what made me excited by the 4.4 Patch Notes that were released today! Hopefully I’ll get to post this before things go down!



This is simply fantastic! I have so many alts that need to go and unlock Crystal Tower for Alliance Roulette, and know many people who either haven’t unlocked it or are stuck on the FATE portion of it. They really needed to do this sooner!


All kinds of great stuff coming to the Doman Enclave. I really enjoyed building it up in the last patch, so I’m excited to see where it’s going, especially with mounts and aethernet and such.


Unexpected, but I’ll happily take a GC promotion!


I’m actually really excited about this development and hope players use it on our sever. I will actually go and explore the neighborhoods to see places!


Lots of nice changes to the Gold Saucer this time around, but this is the one that’s most relevant to me! 🙂


Oooh… guess what I’m going to be doing every week?


I’ve already downloaded the app and registered a character to it, so this is a nice bonus. Especially since my RP character is Allagan themed! Yes!


I REALLY want to try this hair out SO MUCH for my RP character… please, please don’t make it stupid-hard and expensive to get!


WHAT? I heard whispers that Red Mage was getting an adjustment. I see the buffs and my jaw literally dropped. WHAT?

I mean, I’ll take the buffs! But… man. Red Mage already felt pretty strong to me! I suppose this is balancing around the raids, however.


Thank you!!!


AWESOME! Movement and weather/time freezing! I’ve really needed some of these settings in the past!


Oh my gosh – YES!


Oh my gosh – YES TOO! Now I don’t have to set timers on apps or outside websites anymore! Thank you!


This is fantastic! Favorites, search and new minion/mount indicators! Needed all of this so much!



This is good news for low level crafters and gatherers who need scrips. I never really used the whole glamour system for the delivery girl we already have, but I suppose this could be cute on Zhloe. I guess enough people liked it.

The only thing is that since you can only do two delivery sets per week, you can’t do all three. It sounds like M’naago might get shafted, though, going out to Idyllshire is more expensive for me as a warp.


More new Squad dungeons would usually get a YEAH from me… except that this time, it’s the Vault. HAHAH! Nope!


These and the other housing additions are kinda neat. I like that you can sell from the mannequins. It could do fun things for making RP shops in game and stuff.


This is nice. I never really had a problem with this… but then, I guess I never play healer much. But it’s still nice.


These are pretty cute and functional looking for once. I approve!


Thank you! I might actually put some effort into working on my fishing log someday. XDpatch4-4-19

I kinda like this. Will need to see it in game, though.


Very good!!


I’m really happy we’re getting this, but I don’t know if it will replace my emote hotbars. I’ll have to wait and see.


Unexpected nice changes to the moogle mail! Thank you!



I’m not so sure about all these changes to treasure hunting. I haven’t been in the Canals but once, and this looks somewhat funky. I just hope they don’t lock the new hair behind this place or I’m going to be annoyed.


I put this in the “hmmm” section because I’m more curious about it than anything else. Drums by themselves…. I guess you could do a drum solo. BUT. Does this mean that they’re moving towards finding a way of syncing a full band together? Right now, that’s not easily possible. But any improvement on the performance feature is a good one!


UI skins? Say what? Interesting!

Coming Soon


Apparently, this isn’t coming just yet, but this is a fantastic QoL we really need. It’s so frustrating to go from a gaming PC to a laptop and have to try and remember how you had all your character hotbars set up! Looking forward to this!


….And… it looks like the storm held off long enough for me to post this out there! I’ll catch you all on the other side, hopefully!


  1. So many good changes with this patch! Way more than I expected, to be honest! 😀

    I am curious about selling from the mannequin though. Will the items displayed on the mannequin disappear as they are bought or will they still show it? (Probably the first but you never know) Can I sell multiple copies of the same item?

    That character setting saving feature will be a blessing for me whenever they implement it. The last time I had to reinstall Windows I forgot to backup my Final Fantasy XIV settings folder and had to redo all my hotbars and settings. It was really annoying. This should allow me to not have to do that ever again!

    1. I think the patch notes page said that there will be an indication that something is sold out when it’s bought from the mannequin. If you check out the link up there, it explains a bit more.

      And I agree, lots of really nice QoL here! 😀

  2. “More new Squad dungeons would usually get a YEAH from me… except that this time, it’s the Vault. HAHAH! Nope!”

    What, you don’t like being told that your death shall be a mercy? :O

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