FFXIV 4.4 – Thoughts and Speculation on the Downfall of Allag

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4.4 MSQ spoilers ahead!

So, we pretty much got the bomb dropped on us regarding Ascian involvement in the Garlean Empire. I mean, we knew they were involved, just not to what extent. 

Being that the Garleans seem in many ways to be walking the same road as the Allagans, and it’s been confirmed that Ascians were also involved in pulling some strings of the Allagan Empire, this one statement stood out to me. 

This seems to directly infer that the rise and fall of Allag was orchestrated by the Ascians. Probably for the same reason.

It really makes me wonder how much of the moral decay of the Allagan society and the pure madness taking place in Crystal Tower and Azys Lla during the end times… not to mention Amon’s insanity and Xande’s cursed revival… were the tools and desired outcome of Ascians seeking to bring about calamity. Obviously, this was successful in the end. 

I already had a pretty strong headcanon that Amon really, really loathed Ascians. But this single line of text seems to solidify the idea that there might have been Ascian influences on the inside that played a larger part in Amon’s personal downfall, and that of Allag in general, than I’d originally imagined. 

Just some food for thought.  

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