FFXIV: All Saints’ Wake LS Event

With Halloween right around the corner, the Mateus server has been filled to the brim with community events, some even overlapping each other for time slots over the past week. Since it’s an RP server, it’s to be expected. But coming from a non-RP server, it’s always exciting to see community activity going on.

Social Outlets

Since our server move, we’ve kept our Free Company small and lean. We have a few folks who chose to move with us, but most of our number is made up of alts or friends. Being smaller means we’ve had to learn to be much more self-sufficient. But overall, playing the game without needing to oversee a FC has been a good change.

We’ve not wanted for social interaction despite the size of our FC. On Mateus, there’s no lack of outlets to socialize. One such group is a Linkshell that Amon fell in with called Bards and Friends :D. (The “:D” is part of the name.)

I haven’t talked a lot about the LS and the folks I’ve met on our new server (even after months of making the move, I still consider it the “new” server). Most of the people I know are folks I’ve interacted with through my Tumblr blog. I tend to be much more comfortable writing and RPing through blogging, and live events or in-game RP tend to be harder for me.

Thankfully, just as I was really starting to establish Amon in RP, the Bards LS was also just starting to establish itself. I connected with one of the lead personalities there, whom I’ve come to consider a friend, and despite being a wallflower, I end up being invited to things due to that connection.

All Saint’s Wake Event

One such thing was the All Saints’ Wake event the LS hosted this weekend. Such an event was being considered, but when I voiced a desire to see it happen on Tumblr, plans kicked into high gear.

While I don’t like running events, I love to help plan and support events. So, I threw my name in the hat to help with organization. This included things such as helping with the promotion flyer, crafting minions for the goodie bags that were given out, and acting as a judge to the contests being held.

It turned out to be great fun!

We had a costume contest and spooky story contest (which turned into more of a Tales from the Duty Finder sort of thing in the end XD). Judging said contests was much more difficult than I expected because… man… folks really had a lot of creativity and spent good time and effort thinking up their costumes.

And here Amon was nothing but a jester. Oh well. I had the hat for it. What can I say?


Afterwards, a few of us lingered to have some light RP, which was nice. There were folks there that I keep meaning to connect with more often, but rarely get the chance to — either because I’m rushing to and fro to get stuff done in game, or we just never set up a time to meet and interact.

Syn’s RP character also had the chance to officially meet and exchange names with some of the others, as well. This is very important – exchanging of names – because in an RP environment, you’re not supposed to know someone in an official sense unless they’ve introduced themselves. Kinda like RL. So, once the names are introduced, you can more freely interact with another character on a named basis.

Life on an RP server is an interesting one. I’ll just leave it at that.