October 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

It’s the end of the month, and that means it’s time to look back at what goals were reached this time around. I’ve been really lax on my main character because most of my progression has been focused on crafting/gathering on my RP alt. But I did get a little bit done this month.


  • Level Astro to 50 ✓
  • Gear up Red Mage ✓-ish
  • Finish Ninja Job Quests up to Level 50
  • Level Monk ✓-ish

The most important goal — leveling Astro to 50 — was knocked out pretty early into the month. I have two jobs left under level 50, and it’s a year-end goal to get all of them to at least 50, so that’s going to be my major focus with this character from here on.

I did pick up a few upgrades for my Red Mage. Some of them were dungeon drops from the new Expert, but I did also upgrade my chest piece to the new Tome gear. We were running Expert pretty regularly at first, but we haven’t in a while, so my upgrading progress has stalled out. Still, I’m a higher ilvl than I was when patch 4.4 dropped, so it’s some progress.

I really haven’t been on the ball with leveling Monk at all. I picked up like… one… level. I just haven’t been in the mood to Alliance Roulette on the job (I’m not very good at playing it), and the risk of getting a couple raids I’d rather not do (WC, DS) puts me off from pushing through.

I guess I could be doing beast tribe quests if nothing else. But I’ve been spending a significant amount of time running crafting beast tribes on Amon. Moogle and Namazu quests are quick and easy. Ixal quests, on the other hand, chew up a ton of time. But they’re still one of the better ways to level crafters under 50.

And, as always, I ignored job quests. I may just have to buckle down and dedicate a month to focusing down job quests in general. I just keep making excuses for why they don’t get done, and I hate seeing them lingering in my goal list unfinished every  month.

If you look at Amon’s progress, it’s been pretty crazy, even if I haven’t set any goals for him. I’ve got:

  • Level 70 botanist (Earning gear through weekly turn-ins)
  • Level 50+ Miner and Fisher
  • Level 50+ Culinarian (First 50+ crafter – unlocked Moogle quests)
  • Level 68 Red Mage — working on hitting level 70

So, I’ve been getting things done, just not on my main.