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FFXIV: Alt Progression

I had a few major goals I wanted to reach with Amon in terms of getting him where he needs to be for his RP story. There were only two jobs I wanted to level with him — Bard as his main and Red Mage on the side.

Syn also had a goal to get Scylla through up to at least the 4.0 story line. These were goals that we both met over the weekend. Pictured above are Amon and Scylla after the (surprisingly smooth) Shinryu clear.

When I went through this with Amon, not only did we have a 20 min wait (even with a healer in the queue), but we had a number of first timers that came in blind. This resulted in a couple of wipes, though we did eventually make it through — I don’t think anyone wanted to drop that and get hung back up in the queue.

So, I was somewhat dreading going into this fight again, but we rolled right on over it and got it done. Now, Scylla’s already up to Lighthouse and working on gearing up. Syn’s a lot more enthusiastic about end game gearing and raids than I am.

As for Amon, I stuck with hunts and Lost Allagan gear, which was enough ilvl to get him through the 4.4 content. I did that for Bard, and I almost had a fully upgraded set for his Red Mage when I finally reached 70 this weekend.

Amon’s Level 70 Red Mage Glamour

Not only is it nice to finally have the only two jobs I wanted to focus on leveling for him done (minus the crafting and gathering), but now that frees up my roulette time to go back to working on my main’s battle classes.

This post isn’t about my main, but I am happy to note that I’ve been diligently working on leveling Dark Knight with my squad, making progress through job quests (!), and leveling Monk through beast tribes and roulette again. So, there’s progress all around.

I will miss running the CT roulette on Amon, though. It was fun when Scylla and Amon were both in a group and we had someone in the alliance take note. This often happens when running Syrcus Tower (where the inspiration for these characters came from).

That’s when things like this happen:


Between that and our joint RP story we’re writing, it’s been a fun time.


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