FFXIV: Crafting/Gathering Goals

FFXIV: Crafting/Gathering Goals

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I really don’t know why I’m spending all this time leveling a second crafter/gatherer… other than I simply want to. Originally, I had a reason. Before I moved my main over to Mateus, Amon was it for main characters on this server, and part of a solo FC. That meant in order to have access to the high level of crafting and gathering I had on my main, I needed to put the time into leveling him up.

I didn’t know I was going to be moving my main, so I’d already put some time into his gathering job. And now, he has a level 70 botanist who is working on gearing up with yellow scrips each week. It was just one of those momentum things, honestly. Once I started, I guess I could have put it down, but it sure would have been a shame to.

So here I am marking off goals for a second crafter/gatherer.

Over the weekend, Amon hit level 60 on Culinarian, which is the first crafting job I leveled. I know there are other jobs that should technically come first, but this is how it fell, so I followed through with it.

The nice thing about level 60 is that you graduate from Moogle quests to Namazu quests. Neither of them are super hard, but I much prefer Namazu quests. Culinarian is already level 62 now, and working towards that Namazu mount!

I’ll also be hitting level 60 on Amon’s Miner tonight, but further leveling that will need to wait until I finish Culinarian to 70 before I switch Namazu quests to Miner. I will be taking a break from doing the mining grand company turn-ins, which is what I’ve used to level my gatherers to the point they are. This will give me a chance to focus on Fisher a bit, though.

All of my lower level crafting jobs are still in the teens-to-thirties. I was going to level Alchemist next, but decided to switch to Armorer for Piece by Piece. Then, I might tackle Alchemist or go Weaver for Blessing. Not sure yet.

The Ixali quests feel pretty slow for leveling when it comes to bridging the gap between level 15-50. And I’ve got a lot of leveling ahead of me. Maybe I’ll make it before the next expansion drops. We’ll have to see!

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