FFXIV: Fan Fest – First Shadowbringers Expansion Info

A lot of exciting stuff has been released during today’s Fan Fest announcement of the upcoming FFXIV expansion – Shadowbringers. Just going to drop some a quick info summary. This is being liveblogged on Reddit. 

  • Several New Jobs (Blue Mage confirmed for 4.5!)
  • Level 80 cap
  • Warrior of Light –> Warrior of Darkness (Story)
  • New Race! (Viera strongly hinted – will probably be the final race added)
  • MP & TP will be combined (have no idea how this is going to work)
  • New zones (of course – we saw two highlighted here)
  • New Beast Tribes, Dungeons, Raids, Alliance Raids (the norm)
  • Rebuilding Ishgard as Crafters and Gatherers (!!!)
  • Hinted at Ishgard housing! 
  • Player-run farming!
  • Trust system (NPCs battle with you, similar to FF11)
  • New Game + System (Replay old content)
  • World Visiting (Visit other servers on your Data Center – released before 5.0)
  • New Data Centers and reorganization of current servers (more info in Live Letter)

Also, possible Gunblade hint in the trailer: