FFXIV: Fan Fest – First Shadowbringers Expansion Info

FFXIV: Fan Fest – First Shadowbringers Expansion Info

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A lot of exciting stuff has been released during today’s Fan Fest announcement of the upcoming FFXIV expansion – Shadowbringers. Just going to drop some a quick info summary. This is being liveblogged on Reddit. 

  • Several New Jobs (Blue Mage confirmed for 4.5!)
  • Level 80 cap
  • Warrior of Light –> Warrior of Darkness (Story)
  • New Race! (Viera strongly hinted – will probably be the final race added)
  • MP & TP will be combined (have no idea how this is going to work)
  • New zones (of course – we saw two highlighted here)
  • New Beast Tribes, Dungeons, Raids, Alliance Raids (the norm)
  • Rebuilding Ishgard as Crafters and Gatherers (!!!)
  • Hinted at Ishgard housing! 
  • Player-run farming!
  • Trust system (NPCs battle with you, similar to FF11)
  • New Game + System (Replay old content)
  • World Visiting (Visit other servers on your Data Center – released before 5.0)
  • New Data Centers and reorganization of current servers (more info in Live Letter)
Blue Mage Info

Also, possible Gunblade hint in the trailer: 

2 responses to “FFXIV: Fan Fest – First Shadowbringers Expansion Info”

  1. I am hyped for the Blue Mage. I am usually not much a fan of caster classes but I have a weak spot for oddball ones like the Blue Mage. Specially when they dress sharply like that. 🙂

    I am surprised about Ishgard being reconstructed and the hint of housing in there. I mean, I know people have been wanting housing over there since forever. I just didn’t expect for a reconstruction effort in there as I felt their storyline had ended. Unless something happened in 4.4 or will happen in 4.5?

    The Trust System is something unexpected but not unwelcome. 🙂

    New Game+ is something I would never expect though and right now I don’t see how different that would be from, say, doing the dungeons unsynched? I guess the level of the story dungeons would get scaled to our level on that mode? shrugs Need more info before forming an opinion on that.

    Haven’t heard anything of player-farming. So will have to look more into that.

    Everything else not that unexpected but welcome nonetheless. 🙂

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