FFXIV: FC Rebranding

So with thoughts of the upcoming Data Center move, we’ve actually had a few of our old Midgardsormr friends contact us voicing a desire to either make a shift to our server or move an alt to our server. This is because Midgard and Mateus will no longer be on the same Data Center, so visitation and the cross-world Linkshell we set up will cease to work. 

This got me to thinking about the itsy bitsy friend FC we run on Mateus. This originally started as a solo FC, and was never intended to be anything beyond a place I stashed my RP alts. Mostly because I didn’t want to get hit with FC invites, to be honest. 

So it was thrown together and named after my RP blog, which was centered around my RP main, Amon. I never expected folks to move over to Mateus, so when Syn and Amoon came over, I was a bit antsy that the FC was themed after my character and my RP. It didn’t feel very group-friendly. 

Now that there’s even more interest from folks popping on to our server, I knew I needed to take a good look at our FC identity and give it a theme that was more welcoming to a group. So, after kicking around ideas last night, I did just that. 

Our FC is now called Light Party — which is a name that can have several different meanings if you look at it in different ways. I chose the tag {Vivid} to go along with the theme of light – ironically, right when FFXIV wants us to move towards the dark side. I also went through and renamed our ranks, updated our slogan, changed up our FC house name and the house welcome description.

This took a good bit of consideration, but I’m happy with the change. I think it’s much more welcoming, and it really fits the feeling and meaning behind the folks who make up our little group. 

I doubt we’ll ever choose to grow and recruit like we did in our previous FC as we’re pretty happy just being a small group of friends at this point. We’ll see what happens when the time for the Data Center split comes.