November 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

November has been a tough month for me IRL, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was glad to see it over with. 

While my Dad is still in the hospital (going on 3 weeks), we’re now starting to talk about when he can come home and what happens after that. There’s still going to be a lot to keep up with — antibiotics and PT — so it’s not going to be immediate rest for any of us. But at least now we know that surgery is not going to happen, and the treatment he got seems to have been what he needed.

In the middle of all this, I’ve come to my daily MMO rituals to chill and relax. Doing the daily Ixali quests to level crafters are far from exciting, but they do help to unwind. And I get the feeling of making progress and putting things into a pleasing order. 

Due to that, I’ve actually stuck to most of my goals for this month very well, even with reduced time to game. 

FFXIV Goals – Main

  • Level Dark Knight to 50 
  • Finish Ninja Job Quests up to Level 60 
  • Level Monk 
  • Gear up Gatherers (Scrips) 

Hey, look! I actually finished some job quests this month! This means I can get back to leveling my Ninja… once I get done with Monk. My Monk just hit level 68 last night. So while I won’t reach 70 this month — I’ve been taking the slow road with only Beast Tribe quests and no Alliance or dungeon runs — I should finish that up next month. This is fine.

I also finished leveling Dark Knight to 50, which leaves just Warrior that’s under the level 50 mark. Warrior is sitting at level 43, so that should be a quick thing to finish up next month, and will finish up my major leveling goal for the year. 

I’ve been diligent about gearing up with scrips this month on both characters. My gatherers are fully kitted out and now I’m turning to upgrade my crafters. I don’t work on scrips outside of the weekly turn-ins so this is a slow and steady thing. 

FFXIV Goals – RP Alt

  • Level Red Mage to 70 (Finish Job Quests) 
  • Level Culinarian to 60 (or beyond)
  • Level Miner to 60 (or beyond)
  • Level Alchemist to 50 (maybe?)
  • Gear up Gatherers (Scrips) 
  • Clean up all Stormblood sidequests

I’ve been moving right along with my goals for Amon, too. I finished Red Mage leveling and cleaned up (almost all) Stormblood quests. I found a few I missed after I finished MSQ in Rhalgr’s Reach that I still need to knock out, but it’s only a few. 

I not only hit level 60 on Culinarian, but I took it all the way to level 70. I’m also working on gearing crafting up with scrips, because I finished gearing up his gatherers as far as I can for now. 

I’m currently level 63 on his miner, and doing daily Namazu quests to push this towards 70. This should be done pretty quickly next month. 

I did not level Alchemist to 50 because I decided mid-month to switch tracks and level Armorer instead. I really could use Piece by Piece, the Armorer level 50 skill for higher level crafting stuff… so I put Alchemist on hold and leveled Armorer from scratch — this currently level 47 on Ixali and job quests. So I’m almost done there!


  • Pokemon Release 
  • Play Cat Quest

I didn’t pick up Cat Quest, but I did play Pokemon Let’s Go on release. It helped get me through some hours of sitting in the hospital, in fact. I haven’t gotten too far into it, as is my way with Pokemon games. I earned the first badge and started leveling up my team some… need to put some time into this game again. I have my own thoughts about it, and will write about it once I get further. 

And there you have it — my November goals in a nutshell. Only one more month left in 2018, so make it count! 


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