December 2018 Gaming Goals

Every year, I always say it’s hard to believe it’s December. This year, especially, it’s been quite a ride to get here. 

In terms of my Dad’s recovery, he’s home from the hospital now, but there’s still a lot of recovering for him to do. I’m on call to troubleshoot and take care of things for him, and so my free time is going to be a bit up in the air for a while. Due to that, I’m going to keep most of my goals pretty scaled back. 

I did get through much of what I wanted to do last month, which is awesome. Most of my goals this month will be just to stay on track and finish up what I’ve started. 

FFXIV Goals – Main

  • Level Warrior to 50 
  • Finish Summoner Job Quests 
  • Level Monk  to 70 
  • Start leveling next job to 70 
  • Gear up Crafters (Scrips) 

These are all pretty simple. The major goal is to finish leveling Warrior to 50 to finish up my year-end goal of getting all jobs to 50. This should be a handful of squad runs and done.  

My Monk is level 69, but I’ve not been doing much except beast tribe quests to progress her, so going is slow. I might toss in an alliance roulette to boost that when I get the chance and just get all that leveling completed. 

I’m not sure which job I’m going to level next. My choices are between Samurai and Ninja, though. Those are the only level 60 jobs I actually have left! 

I might go SAM because it shares gear with Monk, and part of doing all this leveling is to clear out space in my inventory. 

Gearing up my crafters through weekly turn-ins is just something that’s going to happen anyhow, so may as well drop it on my list. 

FFXIV Goals – RP Alt

  • Level Armorer to 60 
  • Level Fisher to 60 
  • Level Miner to 70 
  • Level Alchemist to 50
  • Get other crafters to 15

Most of Amon’s goals are just to keep progressing in crafting and gathering. I’m happy that last night I finally hit level 50 on Armorer, which means he’s graduated to Moogle quests for that job. This is good, since I haven’t actually maxed out Moogle rank yet, and I want that dance for him! I should get all that by the time this job hits 60. 

My Miner is in the 60s and working on Namazu quests for leveling. In the meantime, I’m picking up my Alchemist again (which is in the lower 30s) and using my remaining Ixali beast tribe quests to level that to 50. 

That’s a lot of daily beast tribes, trust me! 

I also want to pick up the rest of my crafting jobs and get them to 15. There are a number of crafting jobs I haven’t even unlocked yet, and for the sake of clearing out some old gear, it would be nice to get them on the same page. 

I’m also slowly leveling Fisher towards 60 as well. Once I hit that, Namazu should take it to 70 and clear out some more gear inventory as all level 70 scrip gear is shared. 

And, really, that’s all I’m going to shoot for this month. I think that’s quite enough. I’m getting mentally prepared for Patch 4.5, which is coming in January, just in case that’s when they drop Blue Mage. Then a LOT of goals are going to shift again! 🙂 

What’s on your list this December? 


  1. I can barely believe it is already December either. Where did time go?!? D:

    My goals for December are simple: Finish the story for patch 4.4 so I will be ready for 4.5. Also start to seriously start leveling my Dark Knight in the hopes I can have it all ready to go for Shadowbringers.

    I’d also like to finish some single player games like Yakuza Kiwami 2, Warriors Orochi 4 and Danganronpa.

    Most of those I should have finished already but I haven’t been in the best of moods not too long ago and I also got distracted by trying to build some settlements in Fallout 4. And yes, I do realize my goals might be unrealistic but I want to give it a try anyway. XD

  2. I re-subbed to FFXIV this past week to see about giving myself time to get “caught up” before the 4.5 patch in January also. I’ve been away since last December, so I’m having to re-learn how various systems work. My gear was 328 when I stopped, and there are 2 tiers above that now, it seems. I only played for a few hours on 1 day though, and focused on working through the MSQ and hitting any new “unlock icon” quests, though, so I haven’t tried to do anything to get scrips for my gatherers or crafters yet (and tbh, I don’t recall how to do that anyway, so I need to re-learn that too).

    I have unlocked the Hell’s Lid dungeon, but haven’t gone in yet. It says that one only needs gear of 310 to do so, and I’m well above that so I don’t think it will be difficult, which I’m sure I’ll find out sometime this week. I’m almost completely done with the new Warframe content, so once I have it back on the “log in to get the daily counter, then log back out” like I’ve been doing a lot for the past few months, then I’ll be doing more FFXIV. Though I expect that once I get my rhythm back i the game that I’ll probably be able to do the “play it a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings to cap out weekly tomes” and then spend the weekend evenings doing the daily hunts and the crafting turn-ins and such. Time will tell….

  3. Heya Wren! Sorry to hear about your Dad, hope his recovery goes smoothly.

    Every time I come back and visit your blog I am further convinced that I can’t return to FFXIV. I’m So. Far. Behind. But say hi to Syn for me!

    I am grinding through SWL, in much the same way you are in FF. I’ve finished all the story, so I’m basically just doing dailies to hit achievements to fill out the Museum. And collecting lore. And I’m still playing Hearthstone almost daily.

    Apart from that, though, I am nearly finished my first (and likely only) playthrough of Torchlight 2. I will try to finish one or two more games by the end of the year, but I’ve been getting more into board games with friends over the last few months.

    I’m a little sad that I didn’t have time to try to organise a meetup with you when I was in the States earlier in the year, but if you ever make it to Australia be sure to let me know!

    1. Thanks for your good wishes, and I’ll let Syn know you said hi!

      Honestly, working through FFXIV is not bad at all. I say that since both Syn and I started brand new characters for the RP server and are both now playing end game with a dedicated month or two under our belts. It seems like a huge task, but even if you’re behind a few patches, it’s not bad to catch up (if you have folks who know the path through it – all the tome currencies get super confusing).

      Anyhow, not wanting this to sound like I’m encouraging you back since it sounds like you’re happy with what you’re playing now. That’s totally fine! Always wishing you the best! 🙂

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