FFXIV: Monk Level 70!

Last night, with a combination of Beast Tribes and a few level 69 quests, I was finally able to hit level 70 on my Monk! Note that she’s still using the fist drops from Palace of the Dead. No, those are not glamours. 

That just shows you how dedicated I was to that job. Sorry Monk… I just could never get into that play style. 

This means that one of my monthly goals is checked off, and I can move on to leveling another job. I’m really thinking it’s going to be SAM since it shares gear with Monk. I only have two level 60 jobs left to pick from, though – SAM and NIN. 

I’ve been knocking out a squad run with my Warrior every night, slowly inching towards level 50 on the job. Once that’s done, that will bring all of my jobs to at least 50, which was my goal for the end of the year. 

After that, I’m going to try and see how squads work in the 50-60 level dungeons. This will be completely new ground to me, but seeing that I have squad members who are level 59-60 already, I hope it won’t be hard to get them to carry me through. I’m thinking about starting with my Astro. It’s the last healing job I have that’s not 70, and consolidating all healing gear would be fantastic. 

Oh, and I did pick up that new hairstyle that drops from Eureka the other day. It dropped below 2.5 mil on my server, I had the gil on hand, so I snapped it up. The last time I bought it for an alt, it cost almost double the price. 

This is why I’m always broke. 


  1. I have to agree with you — monk is my least-favorite job. IIRC it was the last one I leveled to 70 for that exact reason. checks Nope… Astrologian was the final one I did. Preceded by White Mage. I guess I like healing even less than melee dps….

    But yeah, monk just didn’t do it for me.

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