FFXIV: Year-End Goal Achieved!

It is done! As of this weekend, I have completed my overall 2018 goal of leveling all of my lagging-behind jobs to 50 on my main! Woo! 

Warrior was the final job I needed, and once that dinged, a flow of achievements came in. I also finished up the job quest for Warrior and that got me another few achievements and a title for completing all of the job quests up to level 50. 

While I’m not super serious about pushing these jobs to 60 yet (that might be next year’s goal), I did start doing a few beast tribe quests on my Astro over this weekend just to get things started. I don’t know if I’ll be super focused on this right now, but it would be nice to have most of my jobs in a good spot once the expansion comes out next year. 

Unexpected Dragoon

While I was out doing beast tribe quests, I noticed that the next checkpoint for a Dragoon job quest was out in the same zone. I’d run across the start of the level 60-70 line and picked it up weeks ago, but never followed it. Since I was there and it was there, I just went ahead and took the leap. 

I’m glad I did. The quest line wasn’t super long, and I actually really enjoyed the story, especially seeing Estenien again. It’s hard to gauge exactly where his character stands from the few bits and pieces you see of him in Stormblood. But interacting with him in the Dragoon quests gives a much stronger feeling of how his character has developed in some ways without losing what made him who he was. I was pretty pleased. 

He even smiles a bit! Though, I admit, his smile looks a bit odd.

The level 70 Dragoon artifact armor is one of those things that I didn’t know I needed until I got it. I think this is one of the nicer sets of Dragoon gear I’ve seen. I even like the little dragon on the spear. 

I put away the half-finished Anima weapon I’d worked on during the last expansion since this spear was better stat-wise. Not to mention, I really have no desire to glamour that weird face-thing on to this cute dragon. 

While I don’t ever see myself going back to Dragoon as a main, it was kinda nice to revisit the job again after all this time. And I’m happy to have worked through the cute little questline about dragons and get a nice set of gear. This really does encourage me to try and go back to finish more of these job quests!