FFXIV: Starlight Rhythm Game

This year’s Starlight festival has come to FFXIV, bringing with it a new kind of mini-game. Somewhat akin to rhythm games such as Theatrhythm (which I’ve never played), this requires you to click a key or tap a mouse button (your choice) to timed animations on your screen. In doing so, you conduct an upstart choir in performing a carol for onlookers.

I was concerned that the game would be taxing to play, especially for someone like me who needs to do it over and over again on all of my alts. But it turned out to be fairly easy, and it has two modes just in case you need something even easier.

The fail-state for the game is hilarious, though:

Not my video…

You only really need to do the mini-game once if you want to complete the quests for the achievement and the holiday outfit. But, this year, FFXIV also puts a bunch of nice housing decorations up for grabs.

While we got a tiny tree one year, this is the first time that the game has given the option for a large indoor tree in many years. This one is silver and heavily decorated as compared to the green tree from years ago (which you can now only get from the Mogstation). While I prefer the green tree (I always have IRL, too), this one is also very nice if you don’t want to plunk down $5 or more for pixels.

This is why I’m taking the time to score decorations for all of my alts and for the FC house as well. It may seem redundant, but I know next year, this stuff will be in the Mogstation for $5 a pop.

This has also encouraged me to go for broke and unlock a private room in the FC house for all of the characters who have enough Grand Company rank to own a room. This is something I’ve wanted to do anyhow, and I think that decorating both my personal house, personal rooms and the FC house is going to be a major goal for next year.

I’d love to make themed rooms for each of my characters based on their story and personality. I just really need to sit down and plan it all out.

In the meantime, I’m grinding out decorations during this Starlight event — I’ve found a sweet spot where you can stand between the two NPCs and just repeat the quest over and over without moving. The game really doesn’t take long, it’s all about staying dedicated to playing it through so many times. But its worth it for all of my characters to have their own Starlight decorations for the future.