2018 Steam Goal Accomplished!

2018 Steam Goal Accomplished!

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Guys! Guys… guess what!

As of tonight, I’ve achieved my 2018 Steam goal! This was to finally have more games I’ve played in my backlog than have not played!

Okay. Yeah. I know, it’s only 1% more, but hey! A goal is a goal is a goal. And considering this is where I was at about this time last year…

I have to say that I’ve done well to only add 11 games to my library (some were Kickstarters from years back that finally were rewarded) and to have actually played more than I bought for the first time in many years!

I’m pretty stoked about reaching this goal. And having the holiday before me with a good deal of playtime means I can hopefully explore a bit more of my backlog while I’m off from work for the next 11 days! Woot!

I know the new Steam sale just ramped up. And I did buy one game so far (which I did play already!), but I can’t see myself indulging too much this year.

So how is your backlog doing at the end of 2018? Any tempting games in the sale?

5 responses to “2018 Steam Goal Accomplished!”

    • Almost all of them (that was another goal for this year). But like I said, some of the games were Kickstarter rewards I bought years ago and just finally got this year. I have made an effort to try to play new games I pick up the day I buy them (mostly so I can be sure they work and I don’t need a refund for some reason).

      I’ll go back with a detailed look at the games I added to my account this year closer to the end of this month when I tally my yearly goals. I still have a few days to try some of those games, after all. πŸ˜‰


  1. Good Job!

    I’ve only played 19 games this year from my backlog, one of which I am playing now (Transistor). I have been getting some treatment for a sleep disorder so I am starting to become capable of playing more without it exhausting me. Next year I hope to make a huge dent in my backlog!

    This might also be the first year where I have played/finished more games than I have added to the library? Not sure, I can’t remember when I stopped getting the Humble Bundle. But I won’t be buying anything in this Winter Sale that requires outside funds, only spending what I’ve earned selling steam cards. So, probably not much, hehe.

    Enjoy your holiday!


  2. Congratulations on achieving your goal! πŸ™‚

    I don’t feel like I made any significant headway in my backlog this year. In fact it feels bigger than ever. Even more so thanks to my brother who gifted me a steam gift card for Christmas. At least I bought games I will be sure to play with it. XD

    What I really want to do though is finish a few games or accomplish certain things in them. I think two of them is doable. The others I am not so sure. I guess as long as I can make some progress it is all fine though. πŸ™‚


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