2019 Gaming Goals

Welcome to the new year! It’s time to think about goals again… since last year, I actually did pretty well at meeting mine. I’m going to be taking into account that FFXIV will be releasing an expansion this year, so that’s going to end up eating a big chunk of my time. Still, there are a number of things I’d like to achieve this year!

FFXIV – Housing

Snagging a house on my server is a luxury. And I find it sad that I haven’t taken the time to sit down and really think about what I want to do with mine. Over the holidays, I worked at unlocking housing for most of my alts, so now almost all of them have a room in the FC house, too.

My goal is to really sit down, think out some themes for each character’s room, and put something neat together.

I’ve already started to work on the Free Company house, learning how to use the glitches to put together lofts and stairs. I’m no where near finished, but having a pretty good time learning about how to make the best of space in a small house!

FFXIV – Leveling

I know these plans are probably going to be waylayed by the release of the Blue Mage next month and the upcoming expansion. However, I’d still like to push those final few battle jobs that I just got to 50 on my main up to at least 60 by the end of this year. Maybe the upcoming Trust system will help with that.

Other than that, I have two more DPS lingering at 60 that I want to get to 70 before the expansion drops… I also want to finish all the job quests I keep putting off! Yikes!

Steam – Play the Games I Buy

While I didn’t get a 100% play-to-buy ratio last year, I did make this same goal and did pretty well at keeping it. It’s pretty simple. If I buy a game, I should really try to play it within the first 30 days… at least to determine if it works or if I just don’t like it and want a refund. I don’t refund games often, but it’s still good to take advantage of that.

Steam- Play Over 60% of my Backlog

Last year, my goal was to play over 50% of my backlog. I managed to get this up to 51% over December, and just squeaked by with this goal. I want to do better this year! Let’s shoot for 60%!

Here’s where I stand now:

Switch – Backlog

The day has come when I have to admit that my Nintendo Switch is suffering from having the same sort of backlog as Steam. It’s not quite as massive, but it’s slowly growing. And the sad thing is, lots of these games are great, and things I want to experience!

I’m not entirely sure how to measure this goal as Switch doesn’t tell you about your entire library on your profile — it only shows you the past few games that you’ve played. Maybe I need to look into some sort of outside tracker for this, but I don’t want to get too crazy with it!

Really, these goals are pretty similar to last year’s, but I guess I’m in a bit of a holding pattern with my choice of gaming platforms and MMOs. I’m not unhappy about this, however! I feel like there’s plenty of depth in my game choice, it’s just managing the time I spend.

What sort of goals do you have for gaming this year?