FFXIV: God of the Land (Again)

Last night, I hit level 70 Fisher on my RP alt, Amon. This marks the final gathering class I needed to level to max, and to earn the title God of the Land… which he wears just a little bit too proudly!

As the title of this post indicates, this is the second time I’ve leveled gatherers to max. I’ve been working at it fairly casually — mostly through daily GC turn-ins until the point I could use Namazu beast tribe quests to push through the final levels. It took a number of solid months to do it that way, but this was never something I intended to focus on from the start.

Why two max level gatherers?

Well, at the time I started leveling gathering classes on Amon, my main was still on another server. It made sense to work on a little gathering and crafting, if only to serve as a basis for making a bit of gil.

When I made the transfer of the majority of my characters to Mateus, it seemed a shame to not finish what I started. So, I just never stopped running crafting/gathering beast tribes… which honestly makes up the majority of content that I play on Amon.

I admit that I have been taking him into higher level content lately — just unlocked Expert roulette (well… until next week when a new dungeon is added). I also have been casually running Raba and Lighthouse, mostly because Syn was sad I didn’t care to run things like that with her anymore.

I still feel the 24-man raids ask a lot out of players, especially considering how fast you have to react to the layers of mechanics constantly dropping on you. Raba has gotten significantly easier due to better gear, but Lighthouse is still a solid challenge. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to the next installment next week, but we’ll have to see.


  1. The alliance raid content can be challenging, but there’s a lot of opportunities to keep the group going with RDMs in the picture now. Also, a little struggle never hurt nobody XD Just wish less people demanded perfection from those still learning

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