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FFXIV / FFXV Collaboration Trailer

The event ideas look pretty cool (though I haven’t played FFXV yet), buuuut… I’m not so sure about seeing that mount all over the place in Eorzea. We’ll see how it turns out.


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3 thoughts on “FFXIV / FFXV Collaboration Trailer

  1. My FC has been crying out for a four person mount 😀 I plan to buy this just so I can give them rides and let them enjoy it. Even if the Mog Station charges exorbitantly for these types of things 😛


  2. Can’t look anymore out of place than the Cloud’s motorcycle mount (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a hard to get mount like Ratholos). If you ever do get a chance to play FFXV it is pretty great (and its side of the cross event is a lot of fun too).


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