FFXIV: Odin in the Shroud

I have always loved the concept of the large, special FATEs in the open world of FFXIV. I still haven’t finished my second Ixion for the mount yet, but hope to some day. I also beat up the Behemoth not long ago, and am leveling my Leatherworker specifically to be able to craft the wall trophy from the horns.

Last night, as I was working on my Ixali beast tribe quests in North Shroud, I noticed the transition to Tension in the Shroud. This is a weather pattern that only comes around when Odin is lurking in the forest. His FATE doesn’t appear to be marked on the map, and Tension can span several zones, so it takes some searching to find him.

As luck would have it, he was in North Shroud, and parties started forming fairly quickly. I’m usually shy to use shout chat to ask for a party invite for these things, but I did this time, and Amon was instantly popped into a group.

I was surprised at how big a crowd Odin summoned, actually. I was also surprised that the FATE did not sync me down from 70, and it still lasted a pretty good amount of time even though there were probably a lot of max leveled people out there fighting.

People gathering for Odin – who is way off in the back of the shot

In the end, we took him down, and many folks got the achievement, including Amon. I took my award and turned it in for a nifty set of barding, too. I’m pretty sure I’ve got this on my main already, but it’s always fun to revisit this kind of content. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this in the next expansion!