FFXIV: Halfway There

If I do nothing else when I log into FFXIV each day, I always make sure I finish my crafting beast tribe quests on my RP alt, Amon. Slowly, something that just started out as random gathering, leading to random crafting… has turned into a dedicated push to finish leveling all of his crafting jobs to 70, preferably before Shadowbringers drops.

As I said before, I don’t even know why. I already have a fully-geared omni-crafter main. Sure, I can specialize in different jobs on an alt, but I’m rarely geared enough to take advantage of the specializations I have.

Unmelded scrip gear is enough for me to get by on. I just want the ability to make and gather things as I desire.

Last night, I finished leveling Leatherworker to 70 on Amon. This means that half of my crafting jobs are now maxed. Yay!

I’m currently pushing through daily Moogle Quests to level Carpenter, and hope to move on to Namazu fairly soon. Goldsmith is my current focus for Ixali quests, which I really just want to be done with by now. The old beast tribe quests are no where near as economical as the new, and after months of hoping I don’t get West for Fishing every day, I just push through them to get the job done.

To supplement this, I’ve started doing Grand Company turn-ins for all crafting jobs under 50, as well. Generally, the turn-ins are pretty cheap to snag off the marketboard or the vendors. I try to go for high quality turn-ins, but mostly, I just want to keep boosting the jobs I’m not focusing Ixali quests on so that by the time I get Goldsmith to 50, the other jobs will hopefully be closer to 30-ish.

All-in-all, I think I have a good chance of having most of this done by the expansion. Once that drops, it’ll be back to leveling my gathering jobs, if nothing else. I’ve never been a fan of leve grinding for crafting levels during a new expansion. I much prefer beast tribes.

I guess this time around, we may be able to earn some experience from weekly turn-ins too? Will have to see!