FFXIV: Fatter Cat Mount

I don’t usually buy a lot of stuff from the Mog Station. Every now and then, a sale will come along, and I’ll pick up old emotes or fluff for alts that don’t have them. It’s pretty rare that I plunk down cash for things like mounts — the last one I bought day-one was the carbuncle.

I pretty much knew when I saw the data mined info on the Fat Cat mount that I’d be picking it up, though. While I’m not as crazy over Fat Cat as some people, I do think she’s pretty darn cute. I even have a Fat Cat Plush!

They released the Fatter Cat mount as a “China exclusive” less than two weeks ago. Honestly, I’m not quite sure why they do that and make a fuss over exclusivity when they’re just going to turn around and release it to everyone else in short order. But it is what it is.

So, this morning, when I saw the mount was in the shop, I didn’t hesitate to pick it up. Especially since it’s account wide.

Some of the shorter mounts are really silly for tall characters, like my RP Alt Amon. But Fat Cat seems to scale well – I only redeemed her on my Elezen so far. I love the way she puddles when sitting still, just like the minion.

I am, however, a little disturbed when it comes to reading the description of the mount…

Uh… let’s just forget we ever read that and focus on the cute. Right? Right!