FFXIV: A Small Ball Room

It’s more of a dance room than a ball room… seeing that ball rooms make me think of huge open areas, chandeliers and sweeping curtains. But, when you’re decorating a small private room in a FC house, you do with what you can.

Dancer hasn’t been confirmed officially as a job for the Shadowbringers expansion just yet. But we all have our suspicions and we think it’s probably going to be a healer. I’m not stoked about the healer aspect, but from an RP perspective, I might be unlocking it on my character, Zuri.

She’s currently a bard, but I have a lot of them across my stable of characters. Dancer would make sense for her. So, in looking to the future, I decided to make her private chambers in the FC house a small dance room.

Syn and I have discussed using our private rooms as themed locations for RP purposes. A couple of different times, we’ve tossed together backdrops for our RP posts from random furniture in a character’s room. But, really, we want to expand on this more.

So far, we have a secret lab and an infirmary (being built by a fellow FC member). We have ideas for a library, kitchen/dining room, maybe a garden, an art room, a music room… those sorts of things.

Part of my goals for this year is to really dive into themed decorating for all off my characters. I keep putting off my main’s private house, but am enjoying working on these smaller projects when inspiration strikes.

I always learn something new about how decorating works. This time, I discovered you can use something (like the curtain below) to hide the doorway, but still leave the exit click-able. The Hingan style door just didn’t fit with the aesthetics I wanted in the rest of the room, but covering it like this worked great!

I still have many characters and many rooms to decorate in the future — that’s not counting if I decide to buy apartments for some of these characters on down the line. For now, this is more than enough!