April 2019 Gaming Goals

Happy April everyone! No fooling here – these are actual goals for this upcoming month. I’m keeping them pretty light and simple since I can foresee a pretty busy month for me IRL. So here’s what I got.

FFXIV: Main Character

  • Level Astro
  • Level Ninja
  • Finish Job Quests (PAL)
  • Finish Hildibrand Quests

I’m back to trying to nudge myself to finish leveling Ninja to 70 and Astro to at least 60. I also want to get some more job story quests done. I’d like to finish all of these before Shadowbringers drops in a few months.

A new one to the list – I’d like to catch up with the Hildibrand quests. Syn and I completed all but the last of the quests in Heavensward and, frankly, found them less appealing than ARR quests. But it looks like the Stormblood quests boost the fun and give a neat dance at the end. I’d like to jump back into this sometime – and get it for my alts, too!


  • Level Goldsmith to 70
  • Level Weaver to 60+ 
  • Level Blacksmith to 50+
  • Work on progress towards “I Made That VI” for Alchemist 

I’m pretty sure that all of this will get done as long as I stick to the daily beast tribe quests the way I have. I really want Blacksmith to 50 because this is the last crafting job I need to level, and that will get Ixali dailies out of the way for good. Once I do that, I’ll have a lot more time to put towards other things (including leveling my main).

I’m not going to nail an absolute demand to finish the “I Made This” achievement, though it’s very possible if I work at it a bit at a time every day. I got most of the annoying parts of the achievement out of the way, so it’s just a matter of gathering what I need and doing the crafting.

Nintendo Switch

  • Earn another badge in Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu

This seemed to work last month, so let me toss a small goal out there to make even a little progress in this game. Hopefully this will result in me going further than just one badge, but seeing how I’ve really been neglecting my Switch, any gaming is good gaming.

Hope this is the start of a great new month! o/