FFXIV: Building the Realm

Last night, one of my largest goals for this month was met. The major objective I wanted to achieve was to get Amon’s lowest level craft over the level 50 hurdle. This was the last crafter I need to level for him, and most importantly, it means that I get to put away the Ixali quests for good.

Not only did I finish that, but I also leveled his second highest job to 60. This means that this job can move into doing Namazu quests and the level 50 job can start Moogle quests. And that’s all I need to keep doing to finish up all my crafters on that character from here on out!

Almost there!

Again, the biggest part of this is the fact that I don’t have to do Ixali quests anymore. Now, I’m the type of person who can’t sit there and grind crafting leves for faster leveling. So I appreciate that Ixali quests exist.

However, I’ve been doing these quests almost every day for about half a year now as I leveled various crafting jobs from 15 to 50. Unlike Namazu quests, which you can usually complete in an easy 10 mins, Ixali quests are the old skool beast tribes. They can be quick, if you get the kill or fetch quests. But some of them send you to gather nodes.

Or worse… they send you to fish.

The RNG on the Ixali fishing quests is abysmal. There are days I could get the quest done in 5 casts… but that was very rare. There were days I had 20+ casts to get the fish I needed. And the worst one was being sent to fish in the Dragonhead Latrines… not just because you were fishing in latrines, but because this needs 3 fish in total and took more time. I literally groaned every day I got West for Fishing.

In fact, I was so glad to be done with these fishing quests that I deleted the Moth Pupa (the bait you use specifically for these Ixali quests) from my inventory when I hit 50 on my final job. Good riddance!

So, while I’m still not completely done with all the crafters, and there’s still some job quests I need to clean up, the most troublesome part is done. This is the second character I’ve worked to level an omnicrafter to 70 on. I’ve already bought all the yellow scrip gear for all of his jobs, and so end-game gear is waiting for the leveling to catch up.

Certainly won’t have any trouble getting this all done before the expansion comes out. Just in time to add another 10 levels to all the jobs! XD But that’s okay.

This also frees up a bunch of time for me to finally put towards my leveling goals for my main. I just need to stay motivated to keep working on that. Still plenty to do in this game, that’s for sure!


  1. There are kill and fetch quests for the Ixal? I never knew that. When I did their quests I only did the crafting and fishing ones and those were so painful that I didn’t want to do the Ixal ever again (even though I will have to do it with at least one alt).

    If I knew there were more than crafting/fishing quests my life would probably have been a lot less painful….

    1. Yes, there are a couple kill quests, a couple click-the-pot quests, a few say-a-phrase-next-to-NPC quests as well. What you get is random each day. So you could end up with all three gather quests, or you could get really, really lucky and get no gather quests on a day (doesn’t happen often).

      But all of the quests require you to bring back items to a crafting location and craft an item, since these are meant to level crafting jobs. And most of the advance quests require everything to be high quality. BUT. You can craft the items on any job (your highest crafter) and then switch jobs to turn in the quests to level your lower jobs.

      1. Oh, yeah, you are right. Now I remember how they went. They weren’t just purely crafting. It was “Do X and then craft” like you said. And yeah, I did the crafting part with my highest leveling class and then turned in with whichever I wanted to actual level. It was still stupidly painful thanks to those gloves.

        Oh, well. Next time I decided to do those Ixal Beast Tribe quests I will just do enough to get the faction and then level the crafting classes another way. It will just be less painful for me.

  2. Yeah, I recall being very happy when I was done with the Ixali quests for the final time.

    Interestingly enough, I could get a character from 10 to 50 doing Ixali in the same amount of time as it took to go from 50 to 60 using the Moogles, so I ended up working my 1st class to 50, the swapped it to Moogle quests, then had a 2nd job doing Ixali ones until they both surpassed, rinse, repeat, and eventually got everything to 60 like that.

    I had to grind out all my crafting jobs to 70 using leves though. We didn’t have the Namazu when I was doing it…..

    1. That’s exactly what I did, just adding the Namazu for 60+. So I had three crafters leveling at once, at various stages of progress. Also started doing Grand Company turn-ins again for the final two jobs, at least, while they were under level 50.

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