FFXIV: Crazy Hildibrand

Can you believe this month is already halfway over? There’s not a whole lot of interesting things to discuss from this weekend, but I did want to touch on the progress I’ve made with my goals at the month’s halfway point.

I’ve reached all the baseline goals for my Alt’s crafting progress, so now it’s just a matter of continuing the shorter daily Beast Tribe quests to finish leveling the final two jobs. That’s just measured, steady progress.

Just as I’d hoped, less time spent with Ixali quests has led to more time focusing on making progress on my main’s goals. While I do need a bit more motivation leveling my Astro (she’s lingering at halfway through 56… just not much of a fan of Somh Al with squads), I’ve started to pick up the pace in leveling my Ninja.

One of the other goals I have in the back of my mind is to finish up the Hildibrand quests. I noted before that Syn and I had stopped on the last story arc for these quests back in Heavensward and just never finished up. This was a real shame because I knew that the reward was a Vivi minion – and I’m a big Vivi fan!

Anyhow, yesterday, we picked back up where we left off and completed that line of quests. I got my Vivi minion… and… the end of the storyline was a step up from the previous quests in my mind. I really did enjoy it.

We also dove into the Stormblood series, and are about halfway through it from what I can gauge. The team seems to have gotten back into the stride of things, and I’ve been enjoying this story more than the Heavensward one.

As long as we keep moving forward with these quests, I don’t see why we can have it all complete by the end of this month. I’d love to have that crazy new dance, that’s for sure!