FFXIV: Yojimbo Barding and Mambo

I hope that everyone who celebrates Easter had a nice one! I had a pleasant 3 day weekend, and spent a bit of time in both FFXIV and Second Life.

The US servers are down today in FFXIV for the great data center split. My server, Mateus, is becoming part of the new Crystal datacenter and is parting ways with the Aether datacenter. We’re also getting free server transfers for a bit, allowing folks to find where they want to make their new home.

I’m not going anywhere. While Mateus can be rowdy in the larger cities, we’ve built too much of a home for me to move again. In fact, I spent a good chunk of time this weekend working on the private rooms of our FC house, giving them an RP theme. I’ll write about that later!

The other thing Syn and I managed to do this weekend was catch up with the Hildibrand quest line. This was one of my monthly goals for April, and I’m very pleased that we got it done after having been an expansion behind on these quests!

It was a fun time, as Hildibrand often is. This expansion also included one trial battle, in a similar vein to those in ARR. I knew this was a thing, but went in to the fight blind. Probably not the best of ideas — it wasn’t a hard fight, but it had a lot of mechanics to be aware of. I died more than I would have liked to…

…But… I miraculously won the roll for the Yojimbo chocobo barding! I didn’t see this coming at all. And felt a little bad about winning it, since I was that one DPS who didn’t perform all that great on the fight.

Ah well.

The other reward, the one I was really gunning for, was the new dance – the Manderville Mambo. If you thought the original Manderville dance couldn’t get any more ridiculous, you were wrong.

And aside from all that, I’ve been knocking out leveling my Ninja (level 67) and doing a bit of work on my Astro (level 57). Getting very close to finishing up these goals for this month.

Considering the servers are down through tomorrow, and we really don’t know if there will be additional down time due to the move, I’m not sure if I’ll hit 70 and 60 on these as I’d like by the end of this month. We’ll see!