May 2019 Gaming Goals

Welcome to May! Hard to believe we’re already here… and that we’re in the month before the Shadowbringers early access! This month, I have a series of more focused goals to work on, mostly just getting things in order before the expansion drops.



  • Finish Job quests (MCH, WHM)
  • Level Astro to 60
  • Level Warrior


  • Level Blacksmith to 70

Mocho (Very casual goals)

  • Level SAM to 60
  • Unlock PAL
  • Work on MSQ

Most of my focus is really going to be on my main character, who needs to finish a million job quests. I also want to finish the final three levels of Astro (and maybe take that beyond 60 with beast tribe quests).

Amon is almost completely done with all of his crafting leveling. He’s 62 Blacksmith, and will just be hitting the Namazu daily quests to get this done. That’s really all I have for him this time around.

Mocho is another RP alt that I haven’t talked much about here, and I do have a few very casual goals for progress with him. Since Syn requests Alliance Roulettes almost every night, I’ve decided to take Mocho in those and work on leveling his Samurai to at least 60. He’s only cleared the ARR MSQ, so he’s got a ton of quests to do before hitting Heavensward, despite his level. I also want to use squad runs to level his Gladiator and get Paladin unlocked (and potentially leveled).

So, that’s what I’m looking towards this month! Happy May everyone!