FFXIV: Housing – Sparring/Training Room

Over the past weekend, I was inspired to work on another design for a personal room in our FC house. This turned out to be a sparring/training room, which was actually a suggestion that Syn gave me.

This fit well because I chose to use Tai’s room to do this, and he’s all about battle training and staying in fighting shape. That’s also the reason for the dark blue, which is his signature color.

As seen above, the room is built around an open central area with practice mats. I also recreated one of Tai’s retainers to be a stand-in practice dummy.

There’s a trophy display of an Ixion horn in the back corner.  Just for a little color.

Next to that, we have some lockers for changing, and a curtained-off shower station. Gotta wash that training funk off after practice! 

Lots of windows to brighten up the otherwise darker room. And a scuffed-up PotD floor which lends to the feeling that it’s seen better days.

I still feel like there’s some more I can add to this room as new housing items come out – it was only in Eureka that we got the chainmail hangars and the crossed halberds (which aren’t listed at the FFXIV Housing site!). Why don’t we have more weapon displays? It’s hard to make a convincing sparring room without some weapon racks.

If you’re on the Crystal Data Center, you can visit this and any of our other themed rooms here: Mateus – Shirogane – Ward 14, Lot 14

If you stop in, please let us know in our Guestbook – located on the counter of our main room right near the front door. We appreciate the Likes and the comments! 🙂