Birthday Sea Monkeys and Building a New Gaming PC

Please excuse this very IRL post today – it is, indeed, my birthday!

And while I got sensible gifts, such as a Nintendo Eshop card and a nice SSD for the new PC I’m building (more on that later), I got one thing quite unexpected as well – Sea Monkeys.

As a kid, I always wanted to have Sea Monkeys, but never did. Yeah, I know they aren’t the whimsical little creatures depicted on the outside of the box…

I know they can’t be trained as the above ad tries to sell. But I still was interested in seeing what it was like to raise them.

I stuck a cheap set on my Amazon wish list years ago, and it languished at the bottom. I think my friends and family considered it a joke, and never looked twice at it. Well, until a little bit back when I half-jokingly noted – maybe it was around last Christmas? – that they’ve been on my list for years an no one ever gets them for me.

Well, Xaa took it that to heart and now I have Sea Monkeys of my very own!

The picture above was day 1, when you fill the little tank and add water purifier. Then you have to wait 24 hours before adding in the actual eggs. I had no idea how long my sea monkey pack had been in some Amazon warehouse, so I didn’t have too high hopes in seeing anything hatch.

But sure enough, that very night, I saw first one… then two… then three! Tiny, tiny white wiggly swimming things! My Sea Monkeys were alive!

Last night marked a full day of the eggs being exposed to water, and there’s a whole slew of them swimming now. Some are a tad easier to see than the first day, and from what I can see, they seem to be thriving. They’re still too tiny to try an take a picture of, though. I’m not supposed to feed them until Day 5, so I’m just observing them from time to time and giving them plenty of light from my desk lamp (which seems to excite them).

I’ll keep you updated!

Building PC Bummer

So, the time has finally come. It’s been over 6 years since I built the gaming PC I own now. And while it runs just fine, and the only thing I’ve needed to do was replace the CPU fan and upgrade the video card, it’s starting to feel its age. It’s still running Windows 7, for example.

So, I decided with my tax return, this year I was going to invest in the parts to build a new gaming rig. Over the weekend, Syn and I did some shopping, and between NewEgg and Amazon, I bought a new everything (except video card, I’m transferring my existing one). I backed up all important files, and waited for my parts to arrive.

Yesterday, the last shipment from NewEgg came in, and I decided to go ahead and start putting a few things together. It’s hard to resist with all those boxes sitting there waiting to be opened!

The start of my new gaming PC

I got the processor, CPU fan and motherboard all set up in the case, and figured out where all those tiny power plugs for the front case panel go. Then, I went to install the power supply.

That’s where I hit a snag.

I got a pretty beefy power supply this time around, and I was rather surprised at the size of the box it came in. Pulling it out, I took note that the bottom corner of the box was dented in – like it had been dropped. It looked a bit serious, but when I opened the power supply itself, it seemed like the inside was well cushioned, so I didn’t worry much.

I installed the supply, and it was only when I went to start plugging in the cables that I noticed the damage. It was subtle, but there – the corner was dinged, and the top of the power supply was bowed upward from whatever force had hit it. A bent power supply… is not something I’m willing to risk, especially when it cost over $120.

SO. I put in for a return and will be sending it back today.

I’ve never needed to return something to NewEgg before, so I hope it’s as painless as Amazon. The sad thing is, I asked for a replacement without realizing it’s going to take 2-5 days for them to process and then another 3 or so days of shipping for me to get the replacement. Which means my new computer building is on hold, maybe for a week and a half, until it comes in.

Kinda a bummer. If I’d known about the process time, I would have asked for a refund and just ordered one from Amazon and had it by Saturday. But it is what it is, and I can wait.

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  1. Happy birthday! 😀

    I never heard of those Sea-Monkeys and now I am really curious about how they look like.

    Sorry to hear about what happened to your new power supply. Hopefully it will be processed fast and you can get back to building your new PC ASAP!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I had Sea Monkeys as a birthday present about ten or fifteen years ago. I grew up seeing those ads in comics in the 1960s and even as a pre-teen I never believed you’d get actual monkeys. What you do get is some kind of translucent water shrimp. They are quite lively but trainable they are not.

    I kept mine alive for a couple of years but then I think I went on holiday or something and the water evaporated. I still have the tank somewhere and since the eggs they lay can survive for years in dried-out pools I could probably add water and bring them back to life.

  3. Happy birthday!

    That sucks about the power supply – hopefully the rest of the process is smooth sailing! Good timing with Shadowbringers on the horizon too.

  4. Huzzah, happy birthday and the fulfillment of a long awaited wish! I loved Sea Monkeys as a kid and totally bought into the marketing, reading the little booklet from cover to cover and dreaming about the add-ons I would never get, being in a far away country.

    The Sea Monkeys themselves tended to not hatch very well or survive beyond a few days. I daresay a combination of shipping stresses, tropical heat, tropical algae/fungus threats, stagnant tank water and over enthusiastic overfeeding by a kid did them in.

    I did an amateur aquarist’s re-try in young adulthood with much better luck. Brine shrimp eggs from an aquarium shop (you can buy a comparative ton of eggs for cheap, as they are meant for hatching to feed fish), a slightly larger tank, mixing aquarium salt for saltwater and an air pump to give the little squirts more oxygen and circulating water.

    They bit it eventually from slightly improper tank/pump sizing (the pump was pretty strong and open top tank meant continual loss of water) and benign neglect, but survived a fair bit longer than my childhood days. Just not as sexy as the marketing and packaging, which I did love back in the day.

    And the shrimp do respond to light, so you can get them to swim toward a pocket light in a dark room.

    Some day, I figure it’s worth another re-try, but my present living space has no room for damp aquarium conditions without damaging other things that should not be dampened. May yours have a better go at it in more suitable climes!

  5. Happy Birthday! I remember Sea Monkey ads in comics growing up. I always wanted them! You have to admit they come with a nice tank and how to manual.
    Enjoy the new pc when you get it up and running.

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