Gaming Video Card Upgrade!

I haven’t talked a lot about the gifts I got for Christmas this year, but between everyone in the Posse, I got seriously spoiled. I noted that my sister snagged me a NES Classic, but what I didn’t expect was Syn’s big gift to me: A Nitro R9 Fury Radeon Graphics Card.

Syn has this habit of upgrading her many machines and passing down the old parts to friends, such as myself. Apparently, she picked up a Zotac GTX 1080 and her previous card (the Fury) was still relatively new. So, I got a nice upgrade!

It was much needed. If it tells you anything about my previous card (GTX 550 Ti), I picked it up back when Secret World launched (July 2012) because it was the minimum suggested card to run the game well. The card I had before that could run it, but with difficulty. So I’ve been really behind the curve on my graphics cards for a long time. In fact, even No Man’s Sky started yelling at me at launch that my card wasn’t up to snuff!

I got the new card installed today (it’s HUGE compared to my old one), and will be testing it out this weekend!