FFXIV: Meeting Major Goals

I feel like I should make a bigger deal of this than I’m going to since I finally finished some goals that have been a long time coming. One of them is even a goal I set for my yearly gaming achievement.

It felt like pulling teeth, but last night, I finally finished leveling Astro to 60. I got to the point where running the Vault with squads was the best solo option. I even did it… once. It’s certainly not the cakewalk the lower level squad dungeons are, but it’s not impossible, either.

No matter, I just didn’t feel up to running Vault (a dungeon that’s not my favorite by any means) the number of times it would take to get me from 57 to 60. So, I did the actual best thing – I called on Syn to be my co-healer and pushed the rest of the way using Alliance roulettes.

Whenever I heal actual content, I’m reminded that while I’m not a terrible healer, there’s a lot I don’t know about the game from a healing perspective. Astro is not a good fit for me when it comes to healing as I either focus on healing or focus too much on cards… and one or the other suffers.

However, I got it done! Now, I’ll proceed towards 70 on beast tribe quests and regular quest clean up… cuz there’s no way I’m running the level 60 alliance raids on a healer. XD

I can also finally start focusing on the next job in line – Warrior. Unlike healing, I really don’t have the courage to try to tank these raids. I know it’s probably not terribly hard, but I’ll stick to squads and beast tribe quests for now.

God of the Hand

Not such a great title for a pretty great achievement.

I also finished leveling my final crafting job on my alt. So, every crafting/gathering job is at 70 and fully kitted out in scrip gear. What started out as me just messing around with gathering and crafting on an RP alt turned into full-on leveling a second omni-crafter.

It took me a bit over half a year to complete, once I got to seriously working on the progression. With an expansion just around the corner, the level cap is going to rise again, but I don’t really plan on rushing into it on this character. I’ll probably level my gatherers, but I tend to wait for the crafting beast tribe quests to make my way up the level ladder. I’m just not a fan of leves.

Maybe with the Ishgard reconstruction feature coming there might be more to do to level crafters and gatherers this time around. That would be very nice!

For now, I have a few other things I want to work on with Amon – namely Hildibrand quests and ranking up with non-crafting beast tribes. Using up all my daily beast tribe quests for crafting means I did almost nothing with the other tribes, and that’s something I want to remedy. There’s too many nice emotes, mounts and dances I still want to get for him!

I’m certainly not at a loss for things to work on until Shadowbringers, that’s for sure!