May 2019 Gaming Goals in Review

Another month has passed, and I’m not sure if I’m glad or sad to see it go. We’re getting ever closer to the Shadowbringers early access, coming the end of June. So there’s that!

Anyhow, I’ve buckled down and managed to finish up quite a few of my goals this past month. Here’s how it went!



  • Finish Job quests  (MCH, WHM)
  • Level Astro to 60 
  • Level Warrior 

I really wanted to get more job quests done this month, but it just didn’t happen. I got Machinist and White Mage finished up, and started working on Samurai quests. I also made an effort to keep up with my Astro and Dark Knight quests. But there are still way too many job quests I haven’t completed still.

Leveling is going well, however! Not only did I hit 60 on Astro, I’ve been slowly leveling off of beast tribe quests beyond that. I hit 65 last night!

Also using beast tribes, I got Warrior to 53, which unlocked Sohm Al with squads (the level 50 dungeons I heard weren’t worth the pain). I also pushed Dark Knight to 53 for the same reason. So now both of my tanks are in a position to push squad dungeons to 60, which is my major goal for this year. It also puts them on par with the new tank, so they can all share gear while leveling.

With the number of events happening in June, though, we’ll see if I can get a tank to 60 before the expansion.


  • Level Blacksmith to 70 

Not much to say here that I haven’t already somewhere else. I finished Amon’s Blacksmith, and that put all of my crafters and gatherers at 70 for him. In the meantime, I’ve been working on ranking up with the non-crafting Stormblood beast tribes.

Mocho (Very casual goals)

  • Level SAM to 60 
  • Unlock PAL 
  • Work on MSQ

I made good progress on Mocho last month. I got SAM to 60, and unlocked his PAL job. I’ve not spent a lot of time leveling PAL since I got it – maybe a good idea seeing how many tank changes are coming in, and I’m going to need to relearn what little I did know about tanking.

I did drop the “Work on MSQ” goal, however, because I decided it makes more sense to use MSQ to level PAL once I get the job to 50. So, I scratched the goal for this month.

And really, that’s about it. I set some pretty loose goals, mostly trying to tie up loose ends, and was pleased with the progress I made in leveling. With the Moogle Treasure and Make it Rain event in FFXIV, I can see a lot of my time taken up by farming and doing events next month. But anything that can keep me busy until Shadowbringers is a good thing, right?