1. I do not doubt there is a lot of truth in that reveal. I suspect they were summoned by two ancient peoples who went to war. Wars across stars are not unheard of. Take Omega and Midgardsormer for instance. The trailer has renewed my interest in the story. I found all of Stormblood unevenly paced (Yotsuya) , heavy handed (Fordola) and a bit mediocre (Lyse and Ala Mhigo in general) outside a few choice moments like Nanamo and Raubahn.
    They could have removed Lyse and still kept the exact same story. Raubahn was a wasted opportunity and should have been the main character instead. I think the story needed some structuring. Doma should have been freed in 4.1 and some of Yotsuya’s story should have come before. Fordola and Garlemand lack nuance or sophistication. Zenos being alive seems unnecessary for such a boring and one dimensional character. Who was asking for that? And the open announcement of Ascian involvement in Garlean affairs seems a stupid move on the Emperor’s part. His own people aren’t aware. What will this do to morale and a potential civil war. It is a bit silly.
    On the plus side, I loved the 24 man raid despite the convoluted story and also the Four Lords. Hildebrandt delivered a worthy successor to the first storyline as well. And I think the core Scion cast is still being written exceptionally well. Gaius and his group are also intriguing.
    This looks like the high fantasy Aion style expansion.

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