FFXIV: Stormblood Beast Tribe Rep Complete

Though I’d already ranked up to max with all Beast Tribes in the game on my main, one of my goals for this month was to finish maxing out Stormblood Beast Tribe reputation for my RP alt, Amon. The whole thing is mostly just for the fluff, as you get several mounts and emotes for completing this – including the /gratuity emote that comes from the Allied Beast Tribe quest.

Griffon Rep Mount

That’s not to say that these quests don’t have importance. Though Amon was completely max level on all the jobs that are relevant to him, I’ve also been running both Stormblood and Heavensward beast tribe quests every day on my main.

Since I’m a chicken to actually run content with my Astrologian, these quests are pretty much the only way I’ve leveled the job since I hit 60. This is a lot slower than something like running Alliance, but you can do it solo, and it nets about a level every 4 days or so — at the point where I am, around level 67. The quests don’t take long, so it’s a fair trade off for leveling a bit more slowly.

I’ve also been working on leveling my Warrior, which just hit 59 yesterday! Pretty good when my goal is to reach 60 for the month. I’ve been concentrating on running a daily squad dungeon and supplementing it Heavensward beast tribe quests. This nets a level every 2 days, which isn’t bad for not running group content.

Striped Ray Rep Mount

It looks like I’m on track to reach my leveling goals before Shadowbringers drops – I just wanted to get Warrior to 60 and Astro to 70. In fact, I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to start working on leveling up my Dark Knight in a few days, once I get Warrior squared away.

Though I could have dove into leveling rep with other beast tribes on Amon, I decided to take a break for now. I’m still running at least two Syrcus Towers a day in order to earn him a Pegasus, and there might be other prizes I want to look at on the list once I get done there.

I also need to try to knock out job quests on my main. While I did catch up on Warrior and Dark Knight, I still have too many Level 70 jobs with unfinished quests. It just seems like there’s too many other things I need to work on, and job quests just never get completed.