FFXIV: All Job Quests FINALLY Complete!

It was in the goals list of April 2018 when I first realized… hey… I’ve leveled a lot of jobs to 70, but I haven’t touched the job quests for them yet. This was pretty unusual for me to do seeing that in past expansions, job quests gave out important skills along the way, and I never skipped them.

This was not so with Stormblood. The only job quest that gave something of reward beyond a fun story was the level 70 quest. So, I could… and did… level alt jobs without ever touching a quest and be just fine for it.

That, plus Alliance Roulette, amounted to a huge backlog of unfinished job quests as I leveled one after another to 70. Over a year ago, I finally realized I’d gotten in over my head, and decided to try to work them into my goals.

I was also severely behind on my crafting job quests, and manage to work through all of those. But my battle job quests just got kicked back month after month undone.

One of the things I wanted to make sure I did before Shadowbringers dropped was finally finish these job quests. So I’ve been force-ably sitting myself down every night this week after doing my Astro/Dark Knight leveling, and got them ALL done, job after job.

I knocked out Samurai on Monday. Scholar on Tuesday. Ninja on Wednesday. And finally, last night, I completed the Monk quests.

As of now, if a job is level 70, I have all quests done for it!

Warrior is sitting at level 60 (all quests done) waiting for Astro to finish with beast tribe quests – I should have that leveled to 70 over this weekend. I’ve kept up for job quests on that, so it’ll be an easy finish.

Dark Knight just hit level 58 last night, which did unlock a new job quest that I will do tonight. Been keeping up with that, and MIGHT have it leveled to 60 by the time the expansion drops. It’s hard to say as I’ve gotta be out of town for a few days next week, so my playtime is going to be drastically cut right before the expansion.

Overall, I feel like I’m right where I want to be for Shadowbringers in terms of progress. I’ll be using beast tribes and clean-up quests to eventually pull Warrior and Dark Knight up to 70. I’m not in a rush for those because I’ll also be leveling the new jobs the same way, and all of my tanks will share gear.

Hitting 60 on Dark Knight will also complete my 2019 gaming goal for leveling, as that’s really where I hoped to get for those jobs. So to push beyond to 70 will be a big bonus!

Time to Celebrate!