FFXIV: Astro Level 70, First FC Sub Creation

Over the weekend, I finally brought my Astro up to Level 70, where the job now shares gear with the rest of my undergeared healers. It’s been quite pleasant tossing old gear to the GC vendors and opening up space in my inventory.

I’m sitting in a pretty good spot as we pull into Shadowbringers Early Access week. Here’s where I am currently:

My Dark Knight is halfway through Level 59 – I’m going to make a final push to finish that up tonight. My Warrior is taking up the level 60-70 Beast Tribe quests, now that Astro is done with them. It’s slow leveling, but steady, and doesn’t take much time out of my day to do. As long as I stick with it daily, and clean up some of the old Stormblood quests as I go along, it’ll be no problem finishing getting these two tanks to 70 with the rest.

Of course, we’ll be adding two new jobs in the mix come Shadowbringers. I’ll probably utilize Alliance Roulette for my Dancer as I don’t really fear playing DPS like I do Tank and Healer. But Gunbreaker is going to get in line along with the other tanks for Beast Tribe leveling.

Also, as you can see, I’ve not yet touched Blue Mage on this character. But that’s a project that I can take up when all the expansion hype dies down.

FC Yellow Submarine

Though we’ve had most of the mats stashed in the FC chest for quite a while, it wasn’t until last night that we finished up putting together our first Sub. Amoon really did most of the crafting and gathering work, and I’ll be interested in seeing what all it brings back in the future.

Yest, by default, it came in a yellow color.

Sadly, or maybe not too sadly since Thursday is FFXIV down time, I do have a work trip that’s going to be keeping me out of town overnight on Wednesday. So, tomorrow is my final day to get things in shape before Shadowbringers. I won’t be back in until Thursday night, but seeing that the game is going to be down, and I have Friday off, it’s not too bad a deal.