FFXIV: Shadowbringers – Leveling Gatherers & Earning Blessed Tools

Now that I’ve completed the Shadowbringers MSQ, I’ve turned my attention to leveling gatherers. Thanks in part to the good chunk of experience that Crystarium turn-ins give, it’s not been that hard to push my Botanist to 76 over the weekend.

The one thing to note is that the Crystarium turn-ins are a one shot thing (as far as I can see). So while it’s been a boon for my Botanist, helping me skip over a few levels, my Miner is going to have to do things the normal way. This is a little prickly where it concerns crafting jobs, but I won’t complain about getting free levels where I can.

One of the things I set out to do this weekend was go ahead and clear out my gathering log for Shadowbringers. This is not something I’ve typically done in the past, but since I’d only had a small chunk of things to gather from 70-75 (before I hit 76 on Botanist), it felt manageable. I even went through and gathered all the timed nodes.

During this excursion, I earned two achievements, which I must have been only shy of getting. I’d not finished all my gathering logs from Stormblood (I’ll probably go back and do that now), but finishing the logs in Shadowbringers got me both the Blessed Mineking’s Pickaxe and the Blessed Fieldkeep’s Hatchet.

Note that the hatchet is actually the Heavensward Blessed tool because I am a lot further behind on my Botanist logs for some reason.

Blessed Fieldkeep’s Hatchet

I remember working really hard to get my Blessed Minekeep’s Pickaxe back in 2017. The fact that gathering a few nodes in the new expansion dropped the newest version in my lap was logical, but also pleasantly unexpected.

Small changes to the gathering logs in game have made them a bit more useful. And while I haven’t tried out the in-game alarm, I have a feeling I’ll be making use of it in all due time.

I guess I better go back and do some gathering logs for Botanist now!