FFXIV: Shadowbringers – Second Time Through MSQ

On Sunday, I got my RP alt, Amon, to level 80 Bard. Yesterday, I unlocked the final zone of the expansion, worked through all his role quests, and got his set of Bard Artifact armor, which he’s pictured here wearing.

While I’m not quite done with the MSQ yet, I’m getting pretty close! Working through Shadowbringers a second time, I spent some time doing things like side quests and hunts, as well as daily GC turn-ins for his gatherers.

Some parts I spent a little longer with than others – I did a heaping share of cutscene skipping this time, unless I really wanted a refresher on the story. I can always go back and watch them in the Inn if I really want to.

Despite being level 80, I still have a slew of side quests I didn’t complete, which I’m regulating to his secondary job. I also played through all of the dungeons with Trusts this time, trying that system out for the first time, and really liked how it felt. A few of the boss fights that I had trouble with the first time I played through made a lot more sense when I was able to watch the Trust team handle the mechanics.

On the flip side, both of the trial fights required at least 4 wipes before my teams were able to get them down. Compared to the first time through, folks seem to be having a bit more trouble with mechanics and DPS checks. I was hoping at this point that we’d be getting people who were familiar with the fights, but both times, half or more of the team were new to the trial. I’m not sure how that bodes for the final battle, but I’m not going to worry about it too much at this point.

Not that the second time through was all business either. I spent plenty of time chasing glamours – there’s still some dungeon sets I’m interested in. And other silly things.

I haven’t touched any of the new raids yet – I’m not super interested in dealing with that pain until the next set of Tomes drop (next week?) and people are a bit more geared and practiced with the fights. From what I have seen, I doubt it’ll be a series I farm for much of anything, but more of a story clear.

In the meantime, I have a ton of stuff I still need to do for gathering and crafting on both of my characters. That, along with earning tome gear and leveling alt jobs, will be my focus once I get my second MSQ clear.