FFXIV: It’s the Little Things

I’m still settling into a routine for Shadowbringers at this point. I’ve almost finished the MSQ on my RP alt, almost leveled his Botanist to 80 (hope to have that done tonight), and still working on Miner leveling through Grand Company turn-ins for both characters.

One of the things I had been doing while leveling Amon was the daily Nuts hunts. This was partially because it gave a decent chunk of experience, and partially because I wanted the above Nu Mou minion. The minion cost 800 nuts, so it took a bit of time to complete. There’s a second minion at the same cost and a music scroll that I’d like to get, so I’m not quite done with hunts yet… and then I want to get them on my main, too.

Speaking of my main, this week’s Scrip turn-in netted me the Botanist gear from the new White Scrips. This set was relatively cheap and easy to get, which makes me think we’ll be getting an upgraded version of gear sooner rather than later. I’ve never been overly concerned about having the latest and greatest when it comes to crafting/gathering gear, so I’ll just enjoy this for now. Eventually, I need to focus on my crafting leveling again, which I’ve allowed to fall to the wayside the past couple weeks.

I also got to take part in my first special FATE last night, and helped to take down Formidable. I got 6 of the cogs as a drop, which means I need 6 more yet to get the little mechanical frog mount. I really would like to get the frog outfit just for kicks, but I’ve never been around to hear when that FATE’s spawned. Hopefully one day!

I also need to finally get some secondary job to 71 so I can start leveling my Trusts. I’ve just been lazy at working on that. Still too much to do!