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FFXIV: Shadowbringers Complete, Again

This weekend has been one of making progress in Shadowbringers… my second time through. Friday I focused on getting through the final dungeon of the MSQ. I did this with a Trust, as I’ve been doing all the dungeons, and was quite surprised when after the final boss, the chest dropped the Shoebill minion (pictured above).

It was completely unexpected, and has become the minion I keep out and about. This is mostly because it doesn’t give a flying flip. Whenever you zone in or stop moving about, it will stand absolutely still… and it refuses to care to follow you until you get to the absolute max distance away from it, which sends it flying after you.

I find this hilarious, especially since if you enter a small house, it will remain at the front door all the time… because no where that you walk within the house is far enough away to trigger it to follow you.

Anyhow, I got that dungeon done and finished the final boss trial to complete MSQ for a second time. It was still as emotional as the first time through.

Since then, I’ve started gathering tome gear and upgrades for Amon, though I don’t know that I’ll work too hard at gearing him up to the next level of tomes coming out tomorrow. It all really depends on how the gear looks, to be honest. 😉

Level 80 Alchemist

I’ve also leveled Amon’s Botanist to 80 last week, and was working on Alchemist. While I’ve never really been a fan of crafting leves, there’s also the reality that if I don’t get a crafter and a gatherer to level 80 before 5.1 drops, I lose my Mentor status. I mean… I don’t really use it for a lot (sadly), but I did work to earn it to begin with (especially on my main), and don’t want to lose it.

So, I kicked myself into high gear this weekend, figuring out the whole crafting leve thing. In the past, I’d just craft a bunch of stuff, not caring about the quality, and dump it all on the level person. I know that’s not how you’re supposed to do it, because this burns a ton of leves… it’s just… no effort, costly in materials, and very slow. This time around, I did things the way that was expected.

I found a guide that said the triple 74 leve turn-in for Competent Craftsman’s Syrup was relevant all the way from 74 to 80. Seeing that the required gathering wasn’t terrible to do, I buckled down, did the math and went out to gather everything in high quality. Bringing that back, I managed to craft all the components in HQ as well, and put it all together for the HQ turn-ins.

I did this over the course of a couple days, and it shot me from 73 to 80 on Saturday.

I picked up a set of white crafting gear (pictured above), and turned my attention to trying to do something similar on my main. I’d been leveling Carpenter first on her, since I wanted to be able to craft housing items. This won’t be quite as simple as Alchemist was, but I’m sure I’ll get through it.

In the meantime, I continue to inch towards level 70 Warrior on my main by doing daily beast tribe quests, and getting closer to finishing up Miner on both of my characters with GC turn-ins. I haven’t even touched Fishing yet, but thankfully that has its own role quests, which should be helpful in the process.


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One thought on “FFXIV: Shadowbringers Complete, Again

  1. I’ve mostly jsut been picking at FFXIV since SHB dropped. Played enough in the early release to get GNB and DNC to 70, then a week later played enough on the DNC to get to level 75 and up through Lakeland zone. This past weekend I focused on getting through the MSQ, and last night I made it through the level 80 dungeon for the 1st time. I’m assuming that once I finish the trial that it’s immediately having me go in to will finish up the MSQ for now. And then I’ll start looking at leveling other jobs, and crafting, and gathering and whatnot.

    I’m just finding that I don’t care as much as I used to. I burned out pretty hard a year ago, even let my sub go for about 9 months, and it was only my daughter wanting to play her character that made me re-sub, and even then I didn’t play for myself until SHB dropped, and then I had o catch up the MSQ from 4.3 to the expansion even, so… yeah. I’ve still got level 70 dungeons I haven’t done, so I’m still “behind” I suppose. Knowing myself I’ll eventually go back and do them. Eventually….


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