FFXIV: Otherworld Angler – Level 80 Fisher Twice Over!

I started leveling fishing on Amon as just a side-thing on Thursday night. While it is part of my goals to level his fishing, I had no intentions on getting it to 80 in such a short time. It just… wasn’t very hard to do! Especially with the Crystarium turn-ins dedicated only to fishing. Finishing these turn-ins also nets you a pretty neat title!

By Friday night, I was halfway through 79. There was no struggle to this, really not much of a grind. I followed the info on this Reddit post to get it done.

Basically I:

  • Started by doing the first Crystarium turn-in which got me to 71 with all high quality fish
  • Got to 72 by turning in the Xanthic Bass leve
  • From there, I spearfished in the Southeast Source for the Gaeyi leve
  • I also hit up every Crystarium turn-in as they popped through the levels, making sure all turn-ins were High Quality
  • Once I got to level 76, I switched gears to the spearfishing in the North Lake Tusi Mek’ta for the Gourmand Crab leve – as the Reddit post says, this is super easy because the only other fish you can get with Normal Gig is the Ronkan Pleco – so just Veteran Trust it away and you’ll rake in the Gourmand Crab in no time
  • At level 78, did the Crystarium quest and that got me to 79, no sweat.
  • Finished to 80 with more Gourmand Crab leves.

I then later went back and finished this on my main, which took about half a day of steady progress. It’s probably the easiest time I’ve had leveling any of my gathering jobs, and I’m not complaining. This earned my main the title Soul of the Harvest!

Hopefully this guide and link above helps anyone out there who is working on this, or will be working on this in the future!