FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2019

Wednesday launched FFXIV’s summer event – the Moonfire Faire. This is hosted at Costa del Sol and centers around fun on the beach with fireworks and an obstacle course.

Last year introduced the jumping puzzle – which was a required part of finishing the quest, at least on the easy mode. If you really want to challenge yourself, there’s a second part of the jumping puzzle that’s a lot more difficult to finish. I’m not one for jumping puzzles within MMOs (they always feel wonky to me), so I’ve never pushed the limits of this one. Making it to the first platform is enough.

This year, however, S/E extended a kindness to folks who find the jumping frustrating, and allowed you to by-pass it with some of the activities from previous years. Namely, catching fish or cooking breaded fish, both which give you a token each.

These tokens go towards buying a pretty large array of stuff this year. There are several outfits, masks, and outdoor housing items you can earn. They’re all fairly nice looking, too, even the kiddie pool!

The breaded fish recipe is only level 5, so it’s not hard to make. Honestly, the toughest part of that is being able to gather the mats for it – it does require popotoes, which come from a level 20 harvest.

However, every time I’ve been on the beach, there have been plenty of kind folks giving away the breaded fish. And… the fish you need to catch for the quest is very low level, so that’s not hard to do, either. It just takes a little time.

The story for this year’s quest is a continuation of last year’s, including the same characters you met before. This is not unusual seeing that FFXIV is moving towards having specific NPCs return for a certain holiday event each time — either to further last year’s story, or just to show up.

There is one small addition to the obstacle course at the end, but nothing that changes what you have to do to clear it. So, overall, it’s a fun event, but not a huge change from what we saw last year.

Sometimes it’s just fun to hang out with friends on the beach.


  1. That paddling pool brings up a whole lot of questions. It appears to be infaltable plastic. Does Eorzea have a plastics industry? Where are the factories? What implications does it have for the technology levels?

    This happens in so many MMORPGS, where holiday events break all the internal rules of the gameworld. I find it partiularly jarring in a game that otherwise takes itself very seriously, like FFXIV, whereas in something like Riders of Icarus, which feels alot lighter and more playful, it seems less peculiar.

    1. I’d argue that FFXIV does not take itself as serious as it seems. Maybe it comes off that way from the early levels and the beginning MSQ, and the language style also seems on the serious site. But the game is full of tons of subtle humor and makes fun of itself regularly, especially during holiday events. These events are known to never be serious.

      I remember being surprised that at the first time I ran across it because I also thought FFXIV was a super-serious game. Then you get things like Hildibrand and it’s just… the kind of humor you have to go with and then you learn to spot and understand it. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the hint, I had totally not seen this on the launcher. Every single day since they put it there, and I think I logged in every day for the last 2 weeks…

    Also the quest NPC fisher next to the questgiver sells Haddock for a few Gil, even that is no problem. I just didn’t need seem to need it, I did the jumping puzzle quickly 4 times and could buy everything already. Not complaining, but apparentl all the jumping GATEs have paid off so I didn’t have problems 🙂

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