FFXIV: Level 80 Carpenter!

Last night, thanks to a combination of scrip turn-ins and finishing up some leves, I finally reached my first level 80 crafter on my main – carpenter. I already have one level 80 crafter on my RP Alt – turns out that alchemist is pretty easy to zoom through with leves this time around. But that’s because it’s highly self-sufficient compared to many of the other crafting jobs I’ve messed with so far.

As you can see, I also had to take goldsmith up a few levels to do this well. That’s because the leve I was doing required nuggets, along with thread from weaver, and a ton of wood for each turn in.

But this was nothing compared to the leves for goldsmith itself. I might have tried to level it more if it weren’t for the fact that almost every leve recipe required at least one, if not two, gathers from timed nodes. Gold itself, which is a timed node, seems to be required for almost everything, which is a bit crazy. Especially since you really need to shoot for high quality gathers to have a chance to craft in high quality for leves.

But hey, if you can gather some HQ gold, it’s probably a good thing to sell!

Anyhow, I’ll take a peek at the other crafting jobs and see which ones are least painful through leves. I still have materials left over for alchemist from my RP alt, so I’ll probably try leveling that through leves. But the rest just might get relegated to slow leveling through scrip turn-ins until a crafting beast tribe comes out. My main goal was always to get at least one job to 80, since that’s all it’ll take to keep my mentor status!

Speaking of scrips, I’ve been exploring other turn-ins and rotations for gathering scrips on Amon. I finished getting his Botanist gear, but now I’m torn between using weekly turn-ins for gathering or my alchemist gearing. I really, really like the Fisher scrip outfit, so I just went ahead and grinded on normal scrip gathers, with one timed turn-in. I was able to get everything, except the fishing pole.

It’s pretty snazzy!

They did a nice job on all the crafting and gathering scrip gear. Too bad it gets traded in for cross-job gear later.