Blaugust: Halfway Point Check-In

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I consider today the halfway point for the month of August, so I decided to write a quick re-cap check-in on how I’ve been doing this month. So far, I’ve managed some sort of blog post every day for the past 16 days, which is more than I expected out of myself.

I usually give myself a break on weekends, and have had to give myself an extra nudge or an easy topic to tackle the weekends past to get it done. I still have a number of ideas that I jotted down before Blaugust started that I have waiting in the wings, just in case I run up against topic-block.

Things in FFXIV are slowly winding down into a steady cadence-of-life now that Shadowbringers has been out for a bit. I still haven’t accomplished all that I want to do, but between the two characters I play, I’ve gotten a lot done. Aside from “gathered a whole lot of purple carrots today,” I doubt you want to hear of my daily excursions in the First.

The only other thing of note is, after some soul searching and missing practice for a month and a half, I decided to move my violin content back to my self-hosted blog. The reason being – I wanted to set up an online practice log… and I wasn’t sure that a hosted blog would allow me to install the plugins I needed to do that.

I might write more about how I managed to set that up later, but for now, it’s doing what I want it to do.

Hopefully everyone else is having a productive and insightful Blaugust so far! Keep writing!

4 responses to “Blaugust: Halfway Point Check-In”

  1. Keep it up, Aywren! You’re doing great! Things are getting much more difficult for me now that I’m starting to run out of topics from my backlog, my kids are back in school, and things at my job are heating up. I believe though. I BELIEVE! We got this!


  2. I wondered what happened to your fiddle posts. They just seemed to disappear.

    Can’t speak for learning to play an instrument formally but in the twenty years or so that I played guitar (badly) I never once had to pracitce. I couldn’t keep my hands off the thing. Playing it, self-taught and very badly, was the equivalent of questing and pottering in MMORPGs – relaxing and endlessly amusing. The problem was stopping and doing something more productive instead.

    If you’re having to make yourself practice rather than feeling you want to play for the fun of it I’m not surprised you’re finding it tough.


    • I enjoy when I do practice and I find music theory and learning to read notes fascinating. It’s more the case of so little time and energy after work. And then, when you put it down for a period of time, picking it back up again is tough again.

      I also have a guitar and messed around with it years back. I have to say that fiddle is a much more challenging instrument in comparison. So much that I found myself saying “Wow, I never had to worry about this, this, this or this with guitar!!” when I first started. Even just holding the fiddle or bow slightly off, the pressure you use when bowing vs. where the bow touches the strings, etc. etc…. it’s crazy how much you have to know to even get started.

      Not to mention how BAD you sound in the beginning for the time you put into it. At least guitar makes pleasing sounds when you strum, as long as it’s in tune. It’s just… really different. 🙂


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